The magic of winter is in the cup of hot chocolate, the blanket of white snow, the warmth of a roaring fire. Books and winter go hand and hand and with meteorologists on the nightly news pontificating on polar vortexes, arctic blasts and nor’easters.

Here are some of our favorite books for snowy days!

Snowy Day Books - (cool) progeny

Join John Rocco as he reminisces about the 1974 snow storm that dumped 40 inches of snow on his Rhode Island town. In his book, Blizzard, he recounts his true-life adventures as his neighborhood was crippled for over a week under a blanket of snow. After a week of sledding and snuggling, families began running out of food. Ten year old John came up with the idea of strapping tennis rackets to his feet to use as snow shoes from reading his favorite book on survival. The only one light enough to walk on top of the snow, John went from neighbor to neighbor, finding out what each family most needed and then made the solitary trip to the corner market and back again before dark. What an adventure for a boy who had memorized his survival guide and couldn’t wait for an excuse to put the advice into action!

Snowy Day Books - (cool) progeny

There cannot be anything better on a cold winter’s day than indulging in poetry. Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold by Newbery Honor-Award Winning Poet, Joyce Sidman, is a beautifully illustrated book exploring where animals go when it snows. This is a wonderful way to celebrate nature’s beauty.

Snowy Day Books - (cool) progeny

If you and your child are in the mood for a more magical tale, put on some cozy sweaters and grab the Caldecott Honor book, Extra Yarn by Marc Burnett. It begins with beautiful stark black and white illustrations of young Annabelle finding a box of yarn. The yarn and illustrations slowly become multicolored as she begins knitting. The ball never seems to run out as she continues knitting, covering all the people in her town, the animals, and even the cars, mailboxes and houses with comfy sweaters. Of course, news of the remarkable girl and her never-ending box of yarn spread, until one day a spoiled archduke comes to see Annabelle and offers her millions for her amazing yarn. When Annabelle won’t sell her treasure, he steals it.

To see what awaits both Annabelle and the archduke, stop by The Ivy Bookshop. We will also share with you other books like Outside by Deidre Gill in which two brothers build a snowman that takes them on magical adventures complete with dragons and palaces, or Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston.

Books and winter, what a way to rejoice in the season!