If you follow (cool) progeny on Facebook, instagram, or twitter, you know that two months ago our family welcomed Baby M to the world! Her arrival was not without a little drama — apparently my kids like to make an entrance — but she is the absolute perfect completion to our family.

When the Bug was born, I picked a sunny day and took some newborn photos in a corner of our bedroom. And they were ok. When the Lion Man was born, well, 4 months in the NICU wasn’t really conducive to a photo shoot. So I have some great iPhone photos. With Baby M, I let my good friend Laura Black (Laura Black Photography) work her magic.

I’m SO glad I did!! I just love the images, don’t you?
Baby M Photoshoot with Laura Black - (cool) progeny  Baby M Photoshoot with Laura Black - (cool) progeny

This one is my favorite.
Baby M Photoshoot with Laura Black - (cool) progeny

Believe it or not, she really sleeps like this (below) most of the time. Usually perched on someone’s shoulder.
Baby M Photoshoot with Laura Black - (cool) progenyBaby M Photoshoot with Laura Black - (cool) progeny

Laura has a way of capturing kids, no matter what their ages. Real grins. Not the cheesy-mom-is-taking-another-photo-forced-curved-lips-clenched-teeth-and-I-may-just-develop-a-temporary-underbite smile.

Truthfully, Baby M’s photoshoot was a bit of a test case. You see — and you heard it here first — Laura has teamed up with Wee Chic Boutique to offer Studio Photo Sessions in their super cool enrichment space. While they aren’t giving up the mini-sessions we all know and love, you will be able to book studio photo time for your kids or family right at Wee Chic. Stay tuned for more info… we hear they will start to book sessions for Spring 2015 soon!

And, of course, we’ll get you the details when they become available.