With the holidays just around the corner, and the pressure to make everything meaningful and perfect wouldn’t it be a nice change to just give in to some of the crash commercialism with a bit of unadulterated glee? Take for example the early reader Disney’s Frozen The Christmas Party complete with press-out ornaments. This sweet book celebrates the season and the bond of sisters for those just beginning to read.


Or revisit an old friend with Little Blue Truck’s Christmas adorned with twinkle lights. Lean about counting backward as the familiar vehicle drops off Christmas trees on his way home.


For a cool take on an age-old story, grab your flashlight and turn out the lights. The Night Before Christmas, A Bedtime Shadow Book allows you to shine a light through transparent drawings which create a huge story on your wall and comes with the classic poem to recite.


If your family celebrates Hanukah, Woody Guthrie’s Honeyky Hanukah might fit the bill. With a CD by The Kezmatics and zany lyrics, this book is sure to bring laughter to go with the latkes.


Learn about playing dreidel, making latkes, lighting the menorah and the importance of performing mitzvah with our favorite monkey in Happy Hanukkah, Curious George.

There are so many choices of books about the holidays from the gorgeous to the goofy, from the silly to the sublime. We strive to create wonderful memories with our families, but sometimes it’s just nice to surrender to the pleasure of Olivia, Fancy Nancy, or Otis the Tractor and see their holiday adventures. Just as we enjoy our beach reads or lightweight mysteries, it’s nice for children to see familiar characters celebrating milestones and special occasions. Take some time out from the hustle and bustle, snuggle with your cutie and visit some classic fictional friends.