If the kid in your life has the nickname ‘beaker,’ this gift list is for him or her! Let’s be honest, the big kids in your life will love these ideas, too.

2014 Baltimore Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Pint-Sized Scientists  - (cool) progeny

The Evolution of Capurina Tate: It’s 1899. Capurnia Tate doesn’t want to bake pies; she is much more interested in science and exploring the river with her grandfather.  As Rona, our children’s book wiz, writes on the Ivy Bookshop Blog:  the follows a young woman in a world where women’s roles are rigidly delineated, as she finds her true calling and her destiny. Girls rule. Available at The Ivy Bookshop.

Kinetic Sand Dino Dig: Dig for dinosaurs and don’t make a mess! Find all of the bones and construct the dinosaur skeleton. Hours of paleontology fun. Available at Wee Chic Boutique.

Dolphin Sleepover at the National AquariumA whole new meaning for sleep with the fishes. Who wouldn’t want to nab their sleeping bag and cozy up with the dolphins?

Tin Can Robot Build: LOVE this kit! All your scientist needs is a little ‘can’ do attitude and a can. The kit comes with everything they need to create a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot that can move. Available at the Maryland Science Center Store.

Periodic Table Building Blocks: These would have come in handy during 9th grade chemistry, right?

Robot Turtles: Seriously, you CAN teach preschoolers computer programming. This game teaches them. {And the adult working with them}. Available at aMuse Toys.

Groovy Lab in a Box: Super fun monthly subscription science kits for ages 8 and older.

Little Bits: DIY electronics in cool, modern packaging. The Base Kit is perfect for kids and younger makers. It includes everything you need to start designing and prototyping your own interactive creations.

Ice Cream Science Kit: C’mon. Science and ice cream? It’s like Christmas AND your birthday wrapped up into one fun afternoon. Sweet. {Pun intended}. Available at the Maryland Science Center Store


(cool) science picks from The Maryland Science Center

What better place to score (cool) science gifts than from the expertly-curated collection housed at The Science Store at the The Maryland Science Center? We love this place! Here’s why.

Of course, we think a membership to the Museum is the best gift. But here are a few of the fab things you’ll find in the store (and some of them made our best gifts for scientists list!)!2014 Baltimore Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Pint-Sized Scientists  from the Maryland Science Center - (cool) progeny

Solar System in My Room  ⎟  Make Your Own Ice Cream Science Kit (they have a spa science kit, too; just saying)  ⎟   The Original Ant Farm  ⎟   Microscope   ⎟  Tin Can Robot Build