You know the kid. They are the one that takes a marker (or several) to your wall, stops everything and dances in the middle of store, or proudly (loudly) serenades the restaurant with 5 Little Snowman. The creative kid. Here’s a little gift inspiration that will help them channel that imaginative spark!

2014 Baltimore Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Creative Kids - (cool) progeny


Shapescapes: Inside each box is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Whether you’re 6 or 66, you’ll be inspired to create fantastic 3-D feats of imagination using the 50 organic shapes in 7 different colors. Influenced by 20th century dynamic sculptures and mobiles, the plastic pieces link together in a zillion different ways. Available at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Everyman Theatre ClassYour budding thespian can work with the pros at Everyman Theatre! They offer yoga and storytelling, mommy + me classes — as well as classes for older theatre aficionados.

Osmo Game System for iPad: Take ‘online’ offline with one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2014! Works with newer iPads and allows your child to manipulate 3-D objects while working through an app. You should definitely be excited by the Tangram game. Limitless possibilities!

Hartia Toys Dinosaur Kirigami Mobile: For the artistic paleontologist. Create paper figurines and then design a mobile. Available at aMuse Toys.

The Dot Book: Invite your kiddo to make their mark and see where it takes them! A delightful book by Peter Reynolds.

Art Kit – Arm Candy: Create colorful bracelets with this Arm Candy kit from Alex Toys. The 460-pc. set comes with enough stickers and gems to make 6 bracelets. Your child can use the kit to make gifts for friends, or just to add to a personal jewelry collection. Available at aMuse Toys.

Stop Motion Animation Kit: Another brilliant fusion of tech + play! Help foster the next generation of animators.

Haba Doorway Puppet Theatre: All the world, err — every doorway is a stage! This fabric puppet theatre will inspire dozens of stag shows with your pint-sized puppeteer. Available at aMuse Toys.

My Big Art Show: Now your kiddo can curate their own art show. The game encourages children to become familiar with great art works and movements from the last five centuries, and helps them recognize the styles and themes that paintings share. Available at the Baltimore Museum of Art.



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