I blame all of this on Elsa. And her perky sister. And the winter that would not end.

No, I’m not talking about Arendelle. I’m talking about Baltimore, MD and the endless winter of 2013-2014. I took my then four year old son and three year old daughter to see Frozen, like everyone else on the planet, early in December. The kids loved it and talked about it endlessly. When the movie was released on DVD, it went into heavy rotation in our house. That, coupled with the fact that we were entrenched in a “Polar Vortex” meant we were housebound — a lot. All of which adds up to a mom and a dad who just needed to let it go – the movie that is. We needed a break.

Enter Aurora. Also known as Briar Rose. Also known as Sleeping Beauty. And to my delight, my daughter’s Frozen obsession waned a bit and all things Aurora ruled. We even went to see Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty when it came to the Hippodrome.

So when it came time to start thinking about her birthday party in the fall, she decided she wanted a Sleeping Beauty party. Problem is, she also wanted a bounce party. Since we did the huge bounce party at the house the year before, I was at a loss for how do a princess bouncy party that was not exactly like the princess bouncy party the year before.

So I did what most moms I know do – got on Pinterest, made a board, and pinned all these adorable party ideas and details that the Martha Stewart wanna-be mom in me wanted to do. And I looked at my board with such pride. I’m going to do this! And that!

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party at Coppermine Fieldhouse- (cool) progeny


And about a week later, I realized this crap was just not going to happen – – at least most of it. So then I did the next thing most moms I know do – took it to Facebook to poll friends. And my dear friend, successful party planner Melissa, told me about Coppermine Fieldhouse’s themed birthday parties.

Sure, we’d done many Coppermine Little Kicker soccer clinics, and my son has even attended a few birthday parties there. But none of the themed variety. So I was stoked to see they offered a “Princess Birthday Party” where knights and princesses dress up in costumes and participate in the story of Sleeping Beauty complete with trapeze swings across the ‘moat’ and bouncing through the ‘enchanted forest’ trampoline. Done and done!

Birthday weekend unfolded without much drama. Costume arrived on Thursday, custom Sleeping Beauty and Prince crown sugar cookies arrived on Friday, Sleeping Beauty cake picked up on Saturday, and one delighted little girl partied with her closest princess and knight friends on Sunday. A royal time was had by all!

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party at Coppermine Fieldhouse- (cool) progeny

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party Details

The Dress: Custom Sleeping Beauty Dress from BitsNScraps on Etsy. I splurged on this because Grace wanted to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween too.

The Cake: Sleeping Beauty two-tiered cake from Jaime Bonincontri. Jamie is an amazing baker located in Bel Air, MD, who designs and bakes gorgeous cakes that taste as good as they look. Contact her via Facebook.

The Favors: Sleeping Beauty Iced Sugar Cookie favors from TheGreenApronAR on Etsy. Tired of the typical goody bag favors of pencils and plastic rings and other little toys, I opted for yummy sugar cookies.

The Invitations: Sleeping Beauty invitations from CraftyParfait on Etsy. I tend to go with Etsy graphic designers who offer a print option instead of selling printables because I don’t have the time or the patience to try and print these myself. Since Coppermine limits the children to 14, I figured I would go with the pretty invitations. These were gorgeous and ended up being $3.50 for each invitation and envelope.

The Venue: The Princess Birthday Party at Coppermine Fieldhouse. Coppermine provides the private room, energetic party instructors (2), supervised access and assistance with the gymnastics apparatus, a storytelling/musical dance portion, and of course, assistance with food and cake! They also offer pizzas and balloons and all paper products and of course, princess and knight attire for all party guests!