I don’t think there is any baseball team luckier than the Orioles right now when it comes to post-season and celebrating fans… everything in stores is black and orange! Be it for fanfare or Halloween, there are lots of ways to get creative with your October Orioles-watching soirees.

Two of my favorite fall flavors are caramel and apples. Now that mini-apples (or lady apples, as some stores call them) have hit grocery stores, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip up these easy-peasy treats. Dust with black and orange sprinkles for a FANtastic treat for your favorite pint-sized O’s fans. Who am I kidding? The big people will love ’em, too.

{These will also work for your favorite Halloween party!}


orioles FANtastic mini caramel apples

Makes 8 ⎟ 20 Minutes

8 Lady or Mini Apples (you’ll find these at your local Whole Foods or other high-end food market)
1 Bag of Soft Caramels (caramels unwrapped)
1 Tbsp. water
Black and Orange Sprinkles
8 Lollipop Sticks

Cupcake Wrappers (We used black and white polka dot)
Wooden Spoon
1 Small Bowl
1 Microwave Safe Bowl

how to make o’s-inspired mini caramel apples

Assemble your ingredients. Wash and dry your apples. Fill small bowl with sprinkles. The trick is to have everything ready in an assembly line so you can make the monsters quickly before the caramel sets.

Insert the lollipop sticks into each apple by the stem (you want them as close to center as possible). If your apples don’t stand flat, just cut the bottom off. You’ll be covering it in caramel, anyway!

Put caramels in microwave with 1 tablespoon of water. Microwave one minute, then remove and stir. Repeat process until caramel is super gooey. Dip your apples into the caramel and swirl until coated.


Over an empty bowl, shake black and orange sprinkles over the apple to coat. Place apple-side down in your cupcake liner.

Allow to cool and serve.

(You can head over here and see how we made these into little mini monsters, too…)