When you think of Baltimore, a few cultural icons immediately come to mind: Natty Boh, Berger Cookies, Zeke’s Coffee, Old Bay, the Os…

It’s those iconic items that gave Ross Nochumowitz inspiration for his new business venture: Baltimore in a Box.

Perfect for gifting, Baltimore in a Box is a boutique gift box company that allows purchasers to self-select five or ten Baltimore-centric items to send a lucky recipient. Often times, a few other surprises will be thrown in. The brand new business opened last month, just in time for the holiday season.

“I am most excited by the reaction I see people have when they learn about Baltimore in a Box,” said Ross.  “Whether it be on Facebook, or on Instagram, the people who have engaged with our brand really seem to love the idea and immediately want to “build their own box” of Baltimore for a friend, family member, or loved one.”

The two biggest challenges the start-up has faced are shipping costs (Ross never wants to charge customers extra for shipping regardless how far they are sending the boxes), and staying stocked on all the Baltimore-centric items. As a new company, Ross didn’t want to start purchasing wholesale items until he could gauge how many boxes were being bought and sold.

If Nochumowitz sounds familiar, it’s because Ross’ family owns Big Boyz Bail Bonds. Their popular pink and yellow pens are just one of the items you can select to put in your box.

In addition to constantly adding new giftable items to the box options (Miss Shirley’s oven mitts just showed up on the site yesterday!), Ross recently launched Baltimore wedding boxes as a new Baltimore in a Box option. Customers can custom order bulk Baltimore-in-a-Boxes for their out of town wedding guests staying in local hotels.

Ross was kind enough to drop a box in the mail to us last week so we could check it out. Our box came with Otterbei’sn Lemon Cookies, Herr’s Old Bay Chips, B More Nutz Nutterz, Oriole Bird magnet, Charm City Bumper sticker, Zeke’s Coffee Tee, Goetze’s Cow Tale, and a Rat Czar Superhero Card. Oh — and Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens, of course.

So our team got to have a little taste of Baltimore snack on Friday…

Baltimore in a Box - (cool) progeny

At $35 (for 5 items) and $60 (for 10 items), Baltimore in a Box is definitely a fab find for gifting!