I’m a fretful planner. I have good intentions of planning and I plan in spontaneous moments of productivity. I make lists on post-it-notes (they usually end up in the bottom of my work bag). And then life steps in. Planning gets tossed around. I move to ‘planning’ everything on my phone. Kid steals my phone. A dozen appointments disappear in cyberspace. Back to notepaper. Repeat. And repeat.

The beginning of the school year is prime time for planning spurts. This unconscious urge to organize as the lazy days of summer give way to more structured weekdays. Just ask my husband. I may or may not have rearranged the kitchen yesterday.

Doesn’t ‘designing’ a day sound so much more pleasant?

Enter the Day Designer by Whitney English. Kohli, the amazing curator and owner of Becket Hitch, introduced me to the day planner when she got them in (and subsequently sold out!) a few weeks ago.

The planner comes with a ‘design your day’ strategy that really speaks to me personally. I  like the concept of design because there is this notion that it’s permeable, not set. So you don’t feel like you failed when something doesn’t go according to plan — after you write it in your planner.

Rather than tackle a copious (and daunting) list of tasks, there is space to write your to-dos AND to list three things to accomplish for the day (hello, project clarity!). There is a menu planning space, place to write what worked (you know, for all those times you’re working on something and say to yourself “I need to remember that for next time” — now you’ve got a reference!), schedule planning, etc. I’m most excited about the reflection portion of the planner. In the craziness that is our every day, taking two seconds to write about something you’re grateful for really sounds like a delightful way to end a designed day.

Kohli is getting a brand new shipment in this month and is giving away a Day Designer if Becket Hitch hits 700 Instagram followers by Saturday. Trust me, you don’t just want to follow her for a chance to win. You will LOVE what she posts!

And if you swing by Becket Hitch at Green Spring Station to pick up a Day Designer for yourself, be sure to tell her you heard about from me!

{Cannot WAIT to try this out!}


Image courtesy of Whitney English, DayDesigner.com.