I’m no stranger to middle of the night wake-up calls. We’re a house with two kids, two dogs, a cat, and night nursing. We’ve had our share of bad dreams, pulse ox alarms, barking dogs, nighttime feedings, work project deadlines, and more.

Until this pregnancy, however, I had never been woken up by bran flakes.

It happens. EVERY. NIGHT. – – eh- morning.

Doesn’t matter if I fell asleep on the couch at 8 or stayed up until 10:30 (really don’t make it past 10:30 much these days); since hitting the 28 week mark, I find myself seated at a kitchen table lit by the glow of a computer screen, munching on raisin bran at 3 AM. With an extra cup of raisins. {Why do they never seem to put enough in?}

Certainly, there are worse things to be woken up by than 35% of my daily riboflavin intake. But knowing how our schedules are going to change in mere weeks when Baby M arrives, I would love if the calling of the flakes would hold off to say, 5 AM? 6 would be great, but I don’t want to be REM-greedy.

I didn’t really crave anything during my first two pregnancies. Truthfully, I had trouble keeping food of any variety down for most months of both of those —  so caloric intake was more about food aversions than cravings. Lemonade. Tomato Sauce. Chicken. Garlic. It took me months after the Bug was born to be able to look at raw chicken at the grocery store even though it’s something we consume pretty regularly in our house. In that respect, this third trip has been a much easier adventure.

What have I been craving (in addition to cereal, of course)? Deviled eggs. {Seriously?!?} Olives. Crackers with apricot jam and cheese. Baby M must have more evolved tastebuds than her siblings.

Luckily, these other foods seem to call at much more civilized hours.

Like 7 AM.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What were your pregnancy cravings?


Tune into more third trimester cravings next weekend as we count down to Baby M! The nursery furniture finally arrived and we’ll be giving a sneak peek! You can see the mobile here.