I am a book geek. Here are signs to determine if you, too, are afflicted with this malady. You know you are a book geek when you finish a great read, clutch it to your chest with a hug and sigh deeply. Further symptoms of this syndrome are evidenced by the compelling need to visit every book store you see and the ability to be magically transported back to a different time and place just by seeing the cover of a particular book. If this describes you and your child, the second week in September is tailor-made for you.

Celebrate Hug a Book Week! - (cool) progeny

September 6th through 14th is officially Hug a Book Week and the perfect book to celebrate this auspicious occasion is Hug Machine by Scott Campbell. It begins with a scrumptious little boy walking a bit like a robot proclaiming, “Whoa! Here I come! I am the Hug Machine!” He marches through the pages hugging people to calm them and to cheer them. He hugs everything from animals to trees. By the end, he is exhausted and can hug no more. But, when mom comes along, arms open wide, the boy exclaims, “Oh. Why, yes. You may hug the Hug Machine. Hug Machine is always open for business.”

Celebrate Hug a Book Week! - (cool) progeny

For a book geek, one story is never enough so here are some other picture book selections that encourage rejoicing in both books and hugging. Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt, It’s a Book by Lane Smith and Books by Murray McCain and John Alcorn. You can find more great children’s book reads here.

Of course, any good book invites hugging so pick up a child and a book, snuggle close and hug both tightly. Savor the moment and soak up the wonder of discovering new worlds.

Happy reading and hugging!


Editor’s Note: To join the Hug A Book Week celebration, post images of your and your kids enjoying their favorite books with the hashtag #hugabook. MORE INFO

Images courtesy of Scott Campbell’s website.