Buying kids clothing is always an experience. Picky kids and in between sizes can make shopping difficult and a day long event running from store to store. But when you consider consignment as an option, it becomes a one stop shop!

Mono Azul is a small, locally run consignment shop owned by Dominique Croke. She shared with us some of the perks when you consider consignment as an alternative to name brand stores!

“A store like mine is great for buying pieces that can otherwise be quite pricey like pretty dresses, blazers, jackets, and even winter coats, boots, and snow pants,” says Dominique. “It’s also a great place to shop for basics like jeans and sweaters. I sell a lot of shoes. You can get great shoes for a seriously good price. Most of my shoes are priced under $10”.

Parents can find deals everywhere browsing the aisles, even if they might not need the item yet. Dominique’s advice? “Browse often, new stuff is added all the time. If you are around always come in and have a look. There may be something great and that you actually need.”

By looking around often, deals can be found by mixing brands, alternate sizes, or getting a leg up on next season’s wardrobe! Mon Azul has tons of different brands to look through, including brands like Baby Gap and Ralph Lauren. Though Dominique prefers to shop for clothing herself to resell rather then accept donations, that doesn’t stop Mono Azul from giving back!

“We worked with a local church in Hampden last winter to collect children’s clothes and toys for their Christmas Market which allowed those with no extra money to still shop for presents. Right now we are working with a Hampden resident to collect clothes for the thousands of unaccompanied minors who are crossing the border and in desperate need.”

Anything that doesn’t sell? It gets donated as well. Having this business allows me to take a lot of the clothes that don’t sell down to Costa Rica with me and the clothing is always very much appreciated.”

Having once lived in Costa Rica, Dominique still visits family and friends often. Those close knit ties are what inspired her to open Mon Azul. She doesn’t have kids yet, but she has a home in Costa Rica. Dominique started buying clothes for all of the kids she knew there.

“I started buying second-hand clothes for them because I could get a lot more bang for my buck that way,” said Dominique. “I was amazed at the quality of clothing I was finding and that is really what gave me the idea for the store. I also have always loved kids clothing. It’s just so adorable.”

When a parent considers consignment shops as an option, they open up a whole new world of shopping. Thanks to stores like Mon Azul,shopping for children’s clothing becomes more fun, and even better– less expensive.

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Mono Azul Boutique

3528 Chestnut Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Phone: (410) 215-4758


Photography by Mary Gardella, Modern Life Portraits