It starts tomorrow (for us). 10 days until kindergarten.

If your kiddo is anything like the Bug, there has been a mix of excitement, anticipation, and a wee little bit of worry. New school, new friends.

“Where will my class be?”

“What should I take for lunch?”

“But, Mom, I get to be a walker!!”

Which means new sturdy school shoes and boots, of course. She is a bit of a shopper.

Our Bug is big into counting down and asked if we could make a countdown calendar so that she could know when the first day of school was. I decided to make it a little bigger of a project and make the countdown help her get ready for school, too.

Countdown to Kindergarten - (cool) progeny

Then reality set in. There are sorts of cute printables and crafts on Pinterest, but the reality is I didn’t have time to hot glue, precision cut with an xacto knife or budget shop the perfect treats for each day. I like to think of this as a Pinterest hack. A few put together milk carton boxes, pre-punched kraft paper numbers, a little purple crinkle fill and some typed thoughtful activity notes  — voila! We have a cool, functional countdown calendar.

Countdown to Kindergarten - (cool) progeny

We simply displayed the boxes in our kitchen where everyone can see them. {Note to self, this might be a fun way to do an advent calendar, too!}

Countdown to Kindergarten - (cool) progeny

Countdown to Kindergarten Messages

Day 10

You have all of your supplies for school! So take $20 and go buy school supplies for kids who may not have them… and we’ll donate them!

Day 9

Write a letter and introduce yourself to your new teacher!

Day 8

New school year… new journal! Go pick one out and decorate it!

Day 7

We know you’ll be creating lots of ART this year! Let’s decorate a bin to store it and set-up an art gallery in the kitchen so you can display your favorite pieces!

Day 6

Let’s head to the bookstore and pick out a new read-aloud book for bedtime. But we can’t start it until the night before school!

Day 5

School is just 5 days away! Let’s go pick out a brand new, first-day of school outfit. You pick the store!

Day 4

Back to school fashion show and photo shoot. What fun outfits can you put together? {Honestly, I’m planning to print these photos and use them on the mornings where MOM! I can’t find anything to wear!}

Day 3

Create a beginning of the year time capsule… besides a photo, a letter to your teacher and your kindergarten interview, what else will you put in there?

Day 2

Bake something super fun for a lunchbox treat! What do you think — granola bars or cookies? Or something else?

Day 1

It’s TOMORROW! Celebrate with a Night Before School Dinner. YOU pick the meal!


There you have it. Something super simple and a really (cool) way to wind down the end of summer vacation. We’ll be posting each activity for the next 10 days on (cool) progeny so you can follow along, too! Happy Back to School!