Planning an end-of-summer getaway with the kids? Tired of hearing “I’m bored” and “are we there yet?” Then buckle up and get ready for the drive with these entertaining classic car ride games that will keep kids busy during the next road adventure.

classic car games for kids

Count them Cows!
Here’s how it works: everyone in the car must count all the cows outside their window. When the car passes a grave yard on their side, they loose all the cows they’ve counted! The child with the most cows counted by the time you reach your destination wins the game. Not in an area with cows? Use other items or creatures more common for your drive!

License Plate Game
This is a classic favorite of kids and adults alike, and the best part is even the driver can play along! When driving, pay attention to all the license plates of the other vehicles, the first person to spot a license plate from all fifty states wins the game! This game is particularly great for road trips spanning several states.

Road Trip Bingo
Using the printable provided (or by creating your own), try and spot all the items needed to get four in a row and win bingo. You can keep playing by printing out multiples and trying other bingo games like four corners or black out! Our free printable doubles as a coloring activity. Kiddos can color the blocks as they spot each of the items. DOWNLOAD OUR PRINTABLE

Who Are They?
Have kids look out the window and make up stories for people in other cars passing by. The wilder — and more creative — the better!

Have kids choose a subject and then take turns naming things for the subject.  You’re not allowed to repeat things named or hesitate longer than three seconds. This is especially great for larger families with varying ages!

Don’t Laugh!
A variation on the quiet game that kids and parents can both enjoy. One child is “it.” All kids have to remain quiet in the car and the child who is ” it” then tries to make all the other children laugh without talking. The child who laughs first is now “it” and must try to make the other kids laugh without talking.

Happy traveling!