Baltimore Back to School Fashion - (cool) progeny

Double the Fun (and Savings)

No, you’re not seeing double. These two cuties are sporting looks from Mono Azul — and combined (including shoes) they cost less than $65. Back to school fashion can definitely be wallet-friendly when you shop looks at area consignment shops like Mono Azul!

On Giacomo: Baby Gap Jeans, Ralph Lauren Button Down, Crew Cuts Top, Aren-Schuhe shoes
On Matteo: Crew Cut Jeans, Gap Kids Button Down Shirt, Gap Pullover, Highland Creek shoes

Baltimore Back to School Fashion - (cool) progeny

All About Details…

We love the detail on these jeans — which really pop when paired with a simple color palate and sweater. Can you believe the whole outfit was found on consignment?!?

On Isabella: Crew Cuts Top, Old Navy Sweater, Wallflower Jeans, Gap Shoes

Mono Azul Boutique

3528 Chestnut Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Phone: (410) 215-4758


Photography by Laura Black, Laura Black Photography