Birthdays in Baltimore are getting sweeter thanks to Julia Berman and The Birthday Box, an organization that helps children in need to receive all things required for a proper birthday celebration.

Seven-year-old Julia was so moved when she received her birthday gifts this year that she felt the need to share! After she donated her birthday goodies, Julia continued giving by creating an entire new box for a special child in the Baltimore area.

“I am so lucky that I have nice toys and I wanted other children to be able to be able to get a toy for their birthday, too.” said Julia. “It was really fun to get to choose a gift-wrap it and pick out all the paper plates, candles and stuff and put together a birthday box for another girl. I hope it made her birthday really happy!”

In addition to filling a beautifully wrapped large box with toys and books, she collected several hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards to assist with the purchase of birthday cakes and essential items.

{Now, that’s what we call making a little roar!}

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The goal of The Birthday Box is to ensure that each and every child gets to eat cake, blow out candles and open presents as they turn one year older. Each Birthday-in-a- Box is created by helpful anonymous donations like Julia’s. Once created, every box gets filled with fresh cake or cake mix, utensils, plates, decorations, and — of course — birthday presents! Then the special box gets sent out wherever it’s needed to bring a smile to a lucky child’s face.

Lori Baylin and Kim Stellar are the directors of Birthday Box’s Maryland Division and are always happy to share special birthday moments! “The most rewarding moment has been when we learned of a 5 year old child who had their birthday acknowledged for the very first time in their life – – with a Birthday Box,” recalled both. Another special time? A local mom hadn’t received her paycheck yet and wasn’t able to celebrate her child’s birthday. The birthday box arrived just in time!

Since the Maryland Division was created in early 2013, 68 Baltimore area kids have had happier birthdays thanks to the generosity of people like Julia.

“We were elated by Julia’s donations! The fact that at 7 years old she was interested in helping The Birthday Box to the extent that she did was amazing,” said Lori and Kim. “We were truly thrilled and excited by the variety and volume of her donations!”

The Birthday Box began in New Jersey about four years ago when their founder saw how happy the children at her seven year old son’s birthday party were. Ever since then, The Birthday Box has been dedicated to spreading that joy to other children in the Central New Jersey and Greater Baltimore Areas. Birthday Box works directly with organizations in the areas to ensure that each box goes directly to a child in need.

Donations provide everything needed to insure that each box has all birthday requirements needed to celebrate. Donators can give old boxes to recycle, wrapping paper, paper plates or anything needed to make a birthday special. Currently, The Birthday Box needs donations focused on kids aged 11-16.

How to Help the Birthday Box - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge

How You Can Help The Birthday Box

If you are interested in donating to the Birthday Box, you can visit their website or contact them via email at

Anonymous donations can also be mailed in at:

The Birthday Box
2560 US Highway 22, #136
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076