If you have followed (cool) progeny for any length of time, you know already that I am not what you call a crafter. That’s why we have some stellar contributors that come up with kid (and adult) friendly products. I’m more of a, shall we say, cheater crafter. I like short cuts and a polished end result — which can be tough if you can’t really cut out a circle without it looking more like a trapezoid.

Luckily, there is a whole industry devoted to crafters like me. Those who like to attempt to craft but are by no means experts. With a little help from Michael’s, you too can create this fun secret message candy jar. Perfect for last-minute Father’s Day gifting or any occasion!

Added bonus? The kids will love to help!

How To Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny


Glass Jar
Pre-cut Gift Tags (yes, uber crafters could cut these, too!)
Spray Adhesive
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Printed Photos (regular paper will work fine and you’ll get an instagram filter effect!)
Buttons/Ribbons/Things to use for decoration
Pre-cut Scrapbook Frames (yes, you can cut your own!)

How To Make Secret Message Candy Jars

Start with sizing/printing your photos so they fit on your gift tags. I had 1″ diameter gift tags, so I printed 1″ photos and typed messages that fit on 1″. I asked the kids about their favorite things to do with Dad (ok, I had a pretty good guess about the Little Lion Man since he’s only 1) and chose some of our favorite photos from last year. You could also scan and resize children’s artwork for this — a fun way to preserve memories! Have your kids pick out photos and artwork.

How To Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny

Cut your photos/messages out. Guess what? Don’t worry if your circle isn’t perfect! So yes, kids can definitely do this part.


Spray adhesive your photos to the gift tags. Allow to dry.

How to Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny

Cover the entire image/message with mod podge dimensional magic.

Now this is the worst part. WAITING. It will take at least three hours for the mod podge to set. I actually left mine overnight. The reason we’re using mod podge is to protect the photos or message so they aren’t accidentally harmed by candy or anything else you might put in the jar.

How to Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny

Take your secret message and spray adhesive it to the bottom of the jar. This way, when the candy is gone, a secret message is revealed! Let dry.

Using the spray adhesive (or other clear-drying glue you have lying around), decorate the jar. You can even have the kiddos use Sharpie paint pens to doodle .

How to Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny

Fill the jar, tie with a bow, and gift!

How to Make Secret Message Candy Jars - (cool) progeny

What secret message will you put in the bottom of the jar?