Still not sure what to get mom for mother’s day? If the greeting-card-and-flowers seems a bit to cliche for the woman who made you YOU (or that other mom in your life, the woman who literally grew your kids), here are a few other fun mother’s day gift ideas that she will love. YES! There is still time to get them!

Mom Always Said Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day: Doesn’t matter if it’s in bed, at the kitchen table or a picnic in the backyard. Whip up her favorite morning meal for a treat. Extra double bonus points if it’s homemade, but bakery-on-the-fly works, too! Just skip the morning brunch crammed at too-close tables. Conversation is so much nicer when you’re not loud talking over a room full of other families. Need some recipe ideas? We’ve got a few here.

Think Mom-and-Me, the Grown-Up Version: Head to Corradetti’s Glassblowing Workshop on Saturday for a Mother’s Day Glassblowing Class, or take mom to a sip and paint class with The Painted Palette in Mt. Washington. This weekend’s schedule a bit crazy? Pick up a gift certificate and schedule some mom-and-me time for a later date. Mother’s Day shouldn’t just be one day a year, anyway.

Some Like it Haute. Has mom tried the latest blow-out craze in Baltimore? The Haute Blow Dry Bar will have her feeling like a queen with a $40 blow out (a little more for an extra conditioning treatment). The perfect mini-pamper before her next date night or outing. (Yes, moms still have date night). Locations in Towson and Harbor East. Double procrastinator bonus? You can print a gift card from their website.

Have the Kids Get Crafty. All moms — and grandmas — love homemade cards! aMuse Toys is hosting card making workshops this Friday at their Quarry Lake location. Completely FREE. Need to do some crafting at home? Pinterest to the rescue. Put the 5″ by 7″ art in one side of a two photo frame and a photo of the kids on the other side. Instant macaroni noodle necklace upgrade.

Etsy Art On Demand. Did you know that there are tons of graphic artists who sell instant downloads of their art on Etsy? Browse, purchase, download, print (or send to your favorite local one-hour photo printer to print) and frame. Unique art in a snap! ( I just downloaded two watercolor images of state outlines from LeMarigny that are now hanging on my dining room wall. LOVE them!)

Weeknight Dinner Delivered. There is nothing more helpful for a busy mom than having weeknight dinner delivered. Plated will deliver ingredients for chef-inspired meals directly to her home.

(Just Like) New Car. Don’t worry. I’m not a Lexus stockholder and not suggesting you make this ‘a mother’s day to remember.’ But a clean car? THAT is every mom’s dream. Clean the car (INSIDE is even more important than outside) or take her coach to WashWorks or the Auto Spa for a professional job. But if you are planning on buying mom a Lexus for mother’s day, is there any chance you might like to be adopted?

2 Hour Vacay Escape Package. Pick up a great new beach bag, a $15 gift card to download the latest hot book to her iPad/Kindle/Book Reader, a plush beach towel and a 2-hour-I-will-watch-the-kids-while-you-relax-on-our-vacation card. Some gifts are best when anticipated! Summer vacays are just around the corner…

Interview the Kids. Ask the kids (or your siblings) the same five questions about mom. Compile their answers in a book (nothing crazy! Just typed and printed) or videotape responses. Bet everyone will laugh!

Photo Care Package. Perfect for grandmas that might not live close. Print a few of your favorite photos from this month and drop them in the mail — with a note about what the kids were doing when the photos were taken and a promise to send a little photo care package every month for the next year. Then DO it. Yes, Grandma may be keeping up on Facebook. But it’s way more fun to whip out those tangible photos of cuties when she’s visiting with friends. And, of course, bragging. (PS – while you’re printing photos for Grandma, print them for yourself. For safe keeping).

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the (cool) moms out there!