On June 21, women across the globe and right here in Baltimore, MD will be participating in the 2nd annual Climb Out of the Darkness to raise awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression (PPD), anxiety, OCD and psychosis. Postpartum depression, which affects 1 in every 7 women, is the most common complication of childbirth.

I was one of the 1 in 7.  After my son was born in June 2012 I experienced some of the most debilitating anxiety of my life. Countless doctors brushed me off since there was nothing “physically” wrong with me.  I didn’t know where to turn.  Postpartum Progress helped me realize I was not alone, and there is help available.  Now, almost 2-years later, I am proud to say I “conquered” Postpartum Anxiety and am proud to be a Warrior Mom!

Climb Out of the Darkness is now the world’s largest event raising awareness of maternal mental illness. This event benefits Postpartum Progress, a non-profit organization and online community of support resources for women experiencing postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. Today, half a million women annually are accessing up-to-date information in plain language about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders on the Postpartum

The funds raised from this event will allow Postpartum Progress to create new educational materials to be used by obstetricians, pediatricians and others, as well as new materials to help educate the media on the public health impact of postpartum depression and related illnesses on mothers and children.

Please join me on June 21st at Meadowood Regional Park as we walk to raise awareness of maternal mental health.  All family members are welcome (even the four-legged ones!).

To register, please visit this site. Registration is free.

For questions about Climb Out of the Darkness, visit us on the web or email local Climb leaders Laurie Syphard (lbsyphard@gmail.com) or Samantha Dowd (szipp22@gmail.com).