Easter is almost here!  We have been trying to craft with things around the house to cut costs and try to be a little more “green.”  When the girls came home from school with an assignment to make a homemade Easter basket, we knew this was the perfect recycled craft!

First, we were on the hunt for the perfect base for our basket.  We decided on a one gallon milk jug and a box that trash bags came in.

How to Make Recycled Easter Baskets


Empty one gallon milk jug
trash bag box
construction paper or other colored scraps such as file folders, old cards or envelopes
glue and/or tape
colored markers
cotton balls
pipe cleaners
googly eyes


How To Make Recycled Easter Baskets - (cool) progeny

For the stain glassed basket, you will first need to cut off the top of your milk jug, for younger children, you will want to do this for them.  And from here, it’s super easy.  Just tear the crepe paper and glue it on.  Cover the entire jug and let it dry.
How To Make Recycled Easter Baskets - (cool) progeny
Just because my girls have a Type A mommy, I covered the crepe paper with a coat of Modge Podge just to make it all shine.  That’s it!  So pretty and super easy.
How To Make Recycled Easter Baskets - (cool) progeny
For the bunny basket, first cut a hole in the top.  This is where your eggs will go in.  Then we covered the box with white paper.  Preslee wanted it to look like a “real” bunny so we decided at the last minute to glue cotton balls over the entire box.
How To Make Recycled Easter Baskets - (cool) progeny
We cut ears out of construction paper and a leftover mailing envelope.  I poked small holes on either side of the box and ran pipe cleaners through for the handle.  Preslee accessorized him a little more with googly eyes and a cute pink mouth.
The sky is the limit with this craft because you can use anything you have around your house!  My girls love their homemade baskets!