It’s raining… and icing… and we’re all over this winter. Stuck inside? Here are some ideas for keeping the kiddos busy so you don’t lose your mind. An Ice Day Survival Guide for parents.

Have a Frozen Dance Party. Only Disney would have had the foresight to make a major motion picture based on snow and ice — the exact winter weather craziness hits. Chanel your inner Idina and let it goooo……

Chopped: Kid Kitchen Style.  Measuring and stirring is sure to keep them entertained for a bit — and you’ll be super thankful for homemade goodies if your power fails. Try a basic muffin recipe and let them add their own mixed fruit combinations.

Soap Monsters in Love

Image from The Woohoo! Factor

Make Soap Monsters. Love love love this fun soap-y craft project from The Woohoo! Factor. So stinkin’ cute.

Whip Up Some Homemade Play-dough. I like to think of this as a ‘twofer’ — quality activity time spent making playdough plus hours of fun molding it! We’re particularly fond of kool-aid playdough.

Plan your #LittleLionChallenge project. Little Lion Challenge Day is less than a week away. Brainstorm with your kids about how you can make a little roar!

Glove Monsters from Craftaholics Anonymous

Image from Craftaholics Anonymous

Make a Glove Monster. Seriously, could these be any cuter? And if the glove monster at your house is anything like the sock monster at our house, chances are you have a few ‘un-paired’ ones lying around… Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Get Crazy with an Indoor Obstacle Course. The worst part of being stuck inside? The lack of running, climbing and jumping that tires your munchkin out. Use play tunnels, pillows, jump ropes, use tape to create a track and more to create an indoor obstacle course (because there are only so many crafty-sit-down activities one mini me can handle). See how aMuse Toys created an indoor course

Write a Letter to Grandma. I know. This sounds so simple. But know what? Grandmas love mail. Or write a letter to a penpal. Classic Play shows you how & why this is such a great activity for kids!

Drum Out the Ice Blues. A few tin cans, some paper and things to color with. This arts + crafts project doubles as a music activity. That’s a twofer (two keep ’em busy activities for the price of one!).


Catch the kindness! LOVE this kindness cootie catcher idea from Megan at Coffee Cups and Crayons. {Side note – would make a fun #LittleLionChallenge project for kids’ classmates!}

Curl Up with Dr. Seuss. Pumpkin Theatre debuts their NEW Seussical, Jr. show this weekend. What better time to revisit you favorite Seuss classics before heading to the show this weekend?

Ice, Ice Birdie. Keep the kids busy AND teach them about states of matter with this frozen bird feeder project.