Valentines Day is right around the corner and I know most everyone is looking for fun, easy and inexpensive gifts for the ones that you love!  This finger print frame craft is so much fun for the littles!  It requires NO tools … and what child doesn’t love to finger paint?

Finger Print Frame Supplies

I bought the heart shaped wooden frames at Michaels and they were only $1.00 (inexp ensive, just like I told you).  I had some acrylic paints already, but you could use latex paints too, whatever you have.

How to Make Finger Print Frames

Valentine's Day Craft: Finger Print Frames - (cool) progeny

We started with red and white paint and I put a glob of it right into the center of the frame and let them go at it.  The girls started with just the two colors and then ended up mixing them to make pink, too.

Have your child keep finger painting until the entire frame is covered.  You may need to use your finger to paint the edges of the frame to finish it off.

Craft projects don’t get any easier than this and what a special gift for your loved ones.  Beautiful texture created by tons of little fingerprints. Nothing better!  I cut out a picture using a heart shaped cookie cutter and put a piece of red card stock in the frame for backing.

Valentine's Day Craft: Finger Print Frames - (cool) progeny

Super sweet and super simple!  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!