Fifteen inches and the white stuff is still falling. How many hours until bedtime? Here are 20 keep ’em busy activities that will help cure everyone’s cabin fever.

20 Ways to Survive a Snowstorm with Kids - (cool) progeny

20 Snowstorm Activities for Kids

Give Your Own Weather Forecast
Let’s be honest. How many ‘snow reports’ have you seen this morning? Hand your kiddo their own microphone (er-wooden spoon) and let them give one! If you take a video, send it to us at heather AT, we’ll post it to our facebook page! Let them use forecast maps from local meteorologists like Justin Berk or Foot’s Forecast.

Book a Wondersitter
Yepp. That’s right. Give everyone a little break! If you’re within walking distance of one of Baltimore’s amazing Wondersitters, chances are you can book one to come entertain the kiddos for a few hours. {PS – they’re amazing — come with games, toys, and clean up!}.  If that’s not an option, I bet your teenage neighbor wouldn’t mind coming over for a few hours in exchange for some cash. A few hours to catch up on a book or even have an in-home glass of wine with the hubs will help cure your cabin fever.

Create a Video Message for Grandma
In the age of selfies and smart phones, I don’t know of a kid who DOESN’T like to take a video or photo. Create a little video masterpiece message for Grandma. Get extra triple bonus points if costumes and sets are involved. Who knows? Maybe Grandma will send one back. If still photos are more your thing, why not create a Flipagram?

Research Your Summer Vacation
Nothing like a blizzard to make you crave warmer temps and carefree afternoons. Hop online with the kiddos and start your vacay research. Maybe there will be a snow deal…

Mad Science
Since the kiddos have missed 1450987 days of school this year (ok, maybe it just seems like it), use your snow day to hone those science skills. Try the static electricity game or make your own balloon car. We’re big fans of the Kitchen Pantry Scientst, too.

Play Design Star
Get out the freezer paper and fabric paints to design your own graphic t-shirt. Would work for a tote bag, too.

Have a Fancy Schmancy  Tea
Celebrate Valentine’s Day a day early! Break out the dress-ups and have high tea with the kids. And high tea isn’t anything without cookies or cake — so you’ll need a little baking session ahead of time. These Lemon Tea Cakes from Weelicious or Sugar Cookie Hearts would be perfect.

Snow Day Photoshoot
If the wind isn’t too crazy, bundle up the kiddos, grab the camera and head outside. Kory has some fabulous tips for getting ah-mazing snow pictures.

Make City Scape Potato-Stamp Postcards
What would Charm City (or any other city) look like on a postcard? Have your kiddo create a picture of the city using potato stamps and paint. After it dries, write a note on the back and send to a friend. If you’re up for it, make walking to the mailbox an adventure. Check out the city scape postcard tutorial on Red Tent Art.

Old Movie Camp-Out
Grab the sleeping bags and camp out in the living room with an old movie and bowl of popcorn. Roman Holiday is playing at our house… Speaking of popcorn, it’s the latest food craze. Experiment with your own flavored concoctions or mix-up our Valentine’s Day blend.

Make a Rainbow Snow Globe
Wouldn’t it be cool is snow was multicolored? A saved-from-the-recycling-bin jar, glitter and one of the million miniature plastic figurines you have lying around the house — you have the makings of your kiddo’s very own snow globe. Here’s how to make it.

Decorate for Valentine’s Day
Ok, so maybe you don’t usually go all-out for the Hallmark Day of Love, but if you’re stuck at home today and the craft bin is stocked, I say go Fancy Nancy on your place. A little glitter makes everything better, right? {Not sure that gets magnified exponentially by the amount of glitter though…. hello, clean up!} Check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for ideas.

Make a Valentine’s Day Celebration Plan
Well, chances are there is no school tomorrow either. Might as well make a plan to celebrate a whole day of love! Janelle has some great (read: non-cheesy) ideas. Read them here. Or better yet, plan to show the world a little love and take on the Little Lion Challenge!

Have a Play Date
If your kiddos are going a little stiry crazy, bet their friends down the street are, too. Some of my best childhood snow day memories were impromptu neighborhood potluck get togethers. Someone brings chili, someone brings wine… and the kids tear up someone’s playroom. But after your second glass of vino and good conversation, you won’t much care.

Plan a Weekend Adventure
By Saturday, we should be dug out — and headed into a three day holiday weekend. Where will you and the kids be headed?

Host a Family Read-A-Thon
This is better than the quiet game: how many picture books can your kiddo read? Make it extra special by creating their very own reading nook/space. Pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, favorite stuffed animal. Who knows? Maybe they’ll take a snow day nap (and you can do).

Modern Art Fun
Check out this stained glass art project on Classic Play. All you need is a little mod podge and tissue paper! Love that it’s a kid craft that looks super (cool), too.

Virtually Visit the Aquarium
Even though it’s closed today, you can still check in on Calypso and your other favorite friends at the National Aquarium. Check out their live web cams. And make a plan to go see them ‘in person’ this weekend! {We’ve been counting fish in their Pacific Coral Reef this morning…} You can act out your own Nemo-style play with these underwater felt stick puppets.

DJ Snow
Mix your own snow day play list. We’re working on one now and will have it later today. Have a suggestion?

Mini-Engineer Challenge
Grab your blox, blocks, Magna-tiles, etc. and build! Check out Lego Quest for 52 different building challenges — or 52 Different Building Challenges for Creative Kids.

Need more ideas? Check out last week’s Ice Day Survival Guide.