It’s the start of a new year. We just moved to a new {to us} house. It’s time for a little more organization in my life. So far my family has ridden the organizational tidal wave that has hit our home with good humor (starting with the office and play room). Hopefully, the good humor lasts as I tear apart the kitchen.

In today’s hybrid digital/real world life, it’s not enough to file things neatly in a drawer. You have to worry about digital organization, too. My photos REALLY need it. My digital file system certainly needs a tweak. But what was really in I-can’t-put-it-off-anymore-digital-pile-up-insanity was my inbox.

Enter My new best {digital} friend.

I learned about through a Facebook ad. {Yes! I actually clicked on one!} The service scans your email and creates a list of all the mailing lists you’re on. You then decide which to remain subscribed to and which to unsubscribe from. Easy peasy.

Wait. There’s more.

The ones you want to still receive? bundles them into one daily email. So you can still get your Anthropologie sale email but your phone won’t start spasming mid conference call to tell you about it. You’ll get one, neatly organized and highly visual email per day with all of your selected subscription emails. Choose whether you want it in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Whenever email browsing is most convenient.


Best part? It’s completely free. Just share on your FB wall that you’re using it.

And you’ll want to let your friends know about this!


Check Out Unroll.Me