I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to be ‘creative’ in the morning when it comes to packed lunches. Both the Bug and grown-ups in the house brown bag it a few times a week. I definitely have good intentions but as we get into the dark winter mornings, I typically go into lunch packing survival mode. What’s quick and easy and gets us out the door fastest. Or — what do we have on hand since I haven’t gotten to the store in 14 days.

You, too? Guess what? We’re not alone. I have a friend who once sent her child to school with a can of black beans. While the animal-sculpting-bento-lunch-packing moms might have gasped, all I could think of was “that’s genius! We have canned black beans. And it’s a switch from the day-in-and-out jelly sandwich.”

Time to get real(istic).

That’s the impetus for (cool) progeny’s newest collaboration with Relay Foods. Simple, healthy packed lunch ideas for kids and their adults. For real people. No crazy knife skills or special tools required. Using ingredients and products sold through Relay’s online grocery store and farmer’s market, we created two weeks worth of lunch ideas that area easily packable.  Check out the week one menu here and the week two menu here.

And to save you time, you can download the grocery list for each menu directly to your Relay Foods cart and have it delivered to your door for a nominal fee — or pick up at one of their Baltimore area pick-up locations. How’s that for a time and sanity saver?

Be sure to let us know what your favorite ideas are! And we’d love to hear some of your go-to-lunch ideas, too!

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