It’s 4 PM. You just realized the kids don’t have school tomorrow — and you have a 9 AM presentation with your biggest client.

It’s 7 PM. Your nanny calls to let you know she has the flu and can’t come to work in the morning… or for the next three days.

It’s 5:30 AM and school has been cancelled. For slush.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and you have this nagging feeling like you’re forgetting something. Oh yeah. You haven’t booked the sitter for that Friday Date Night you’ve been looking forward to for the last three weeks…

Your child wakes up with the sniffles. No school. But you can’t not take your grandma to the cardiologist.

We’ve all been there. The babysitter pinch. It’s inevitable when you have children; something always comes up. Never fails.

Luckily, Baltimore parents have a fabulous go-to option when it comes to booking a sitter in a pinch — or way in advance. Even sick kiddos.

Enter Wondersitter. New to the Baltimore area, this San Francisco-based company is a boutique babysitting matchmaking service. Unlike some of it’s larger competitors, Wondersitter personally knows each sitter that works for them. Not only does Wondersitter conduct a background test on each sitter, they put applicants through a 7-Step vetting process (which includes a resume/application review, background check, reference check, two interviews, a personality assessment, and their own Wondersitter university program).

Why such a vigorous screening process? So you — the customer — can be sure you’re getting a fabulous sitter! Oftentimes Wondersitters will come with age-appropriate activities for your children and they always, always, always straighten up. Which means you don’t come home to the aftermath of hurricane-insert-your-child’s-name. No stress finding a sitter and no stress coming home to one!

Here’s how it works. You go to the Wondersitter website and set-up an account for your family. You’ll be asked a series of questions about routines, your children’s likes/dislikes, allergies, etc. That’s saved to a profile so you can update as needed. You then submit a sitter request for a certain date/time. You can request and favorite certain sitters as you get to know the Baltimore Wondersitter team. Easy peasy.

No, it’s not free. But it is affordable. You’ll pay a $15 booking fee to Wondersitter via the Wondersitter website (consider it an administrative fee for finding you a WONDERFUL sitter) and then pay your sitter in cash or via check the date of service. Hourly sitter rates start at $12/hour for one child (Sun-Thurs) or $13/hour for one child (Fri-Saturday). There is a 2 hour minimum. Check out the rates here.

I’ve used the service twice and both times have been wonderfully impressed with the sitters who looked after the Bug. Professional. Prompt. The Bug had so much fun she didn’t want them to leave… She asked if they could have a sleepover. I’d call that a parent win.

Just another tool to add to your parenting toolkit. {Saturday’s date night sitter crisis averted…}

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