In honor of Picture Book Month, we’re styling some fab pint-sizer outfits inspired by beloved storybook characters. Whether you’ve got a fancy schmancy Nancy or burgeoning wizard on your hands, we’re making over your child’s favorite literary personalities. Reading never looked so (cool).

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Eloise’s style is refined and sweet. We took her signature pleated skirt up a notch with some shine (Appaman) and updated her suspenders with a tailored cardi (Toobydoo), all topped off with a sleek bow headband in gold metallic (L. Erickson). We can see her skipping down the halls of The Plaza in this bow sweater (Egg Baby) or modernized Pinafore dress (Appaman) . We wouldn’t miss her at high tea in a beautiful printed frock (Tea Collection) that is perfect for elevator frolicking, too. “Oh my lord!”

Storybook Style: Inspired by Harry Potter - (cool) progeny

Harry Potter’s look is purely English, all cozy sweater knits with terrific layering. We gave him a break from robes with this piped blazer (Kapital K) and check button down.  Pair it with sharp red trousers (Toobydoo). Add the toggle coat (Mayoral) and cuddly scarf (Egg Baby) and you are ready for a trip to Hogsmeade. Quiet nights in the common room call for a retro cardi cashmere cotton zip up (Toobydoo). Just perfect for studying for OWLs.

Storybook Style: Inspired by Fancy Nancy - (cool) progeny

Le style de Fancy Nancy is all feathers and fun. We were sure to give a nod to her favorite influence with this boucle jacket (Mayoral). Coco would be so proud. For dressy occasions this classic ruffle dress (Tea Collection) is made fancier by gold lame leggings (Pink Chicken), fancy fairy mineral make-up (LunaStar), and a pearl beret with fingerless mittens (Betsey Johnson). Nancy could never never resist this Eifel Tower tee (Curio + Kind) because it’s tres magnifique (that’s French and fancy for more wonderful than wonderful).

Storybook Style: Inspired by Encyclopedia Brown - (cool) progeny

Sluething is hard work so we kept Leroy’s makeover very practical. His classic raglan top got a facelift with moto stitching details (Appaman) and we see him in super soft cargos (Tea Collection) for ease. Since he is a boy with a mission, we kept his layering pieces simple like this plaid button down (Tea Collection)or stripped sweater zip up (Tea Collection), perfect for getting to the bottom of any mystery.