In honor of World Kindness Day, we’re kicking off 52-weeks of Little Lion Challenges. Simple-to-do acts of kindness you can do with your kids that  will help make the world a little nicer place. And do everyone’s heart a little good.

Since the United States observed Veterans Day this past Monday, it seems fitting that we start our weekly challenges by thanking those who give so much in order to protect our rights and freedoms — and the families that they leave behind in order to do so.

An easy — and useful — way to thank a veteran was suggested by (cool) progeny contributor Lara Dipoala. Having served in the Navy, Lara mentioned that active duty military members have to have their dress uniforms “inspection ready” and often have high dry cleaning bills. She and her children went to their local cleaners and took care of the bills for several service men and women.

What a GREAT idea! And so simple. When you pick-up your dry cleaning this week, offer to pick up the tab for the next military member to drop off their uniform. Download a Little Lion Challenge Notecard and write them a note of thanks to give with the cleaned uniform.

You just made someone else’s day. A small act of thanks for huge service.

Go ahead. Make a little roar.

Don’t forget to post your good deed to your social media network of choice using the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge. Want other ideas for simple acts of kindness? Check out our 100 Ways to Rock the Little Lion Challenge!


Photo Credit: Lara Dipaola