Two of my favorite fall flavors are caramel and apples. But a giant caramel apple can sometimes be too much treat for a pint-sized kid.

So mini apples are perfect, right?

Last year I spotted Jen’s adorable mini caramel apples on Classic Play. I couldn’t find Lady Apples in the stores then, but nabbed them at Whole Foods in Harbor East last week. {Total aside, the Bug LOVED getting a fresh mini apple in her lunch — oh, the novelty.}

Lady Apples for Caramel Apple Mini Monsters - (cool) progeny

We wanted to play with food a bit one afternoon, so the Bug and I experimented in the kitchen and came up with mini-monster caramel apple treats. Perfect for Halloween! {Or your Monster’s University family movie night…}

To see how we transformed these ingredients into a no-spook treat, head over to The Woohoo Factor!

{{PS: Check out how we used these mini-apples to do a fun, preschool-friendly napkin stamping craft. No Martha-skills required and Grandmas will love it!}}