Every once in a while, you come across a baby product that you absolutely fall in love with. For me, such products have to meet three major criterion: 1) smart design; 2) pull double duty (when is that last time you used that wipe warmer for something other than, well, warming wipes?); and 3) fill a “real” need (when was the last time you used that wipe warmer at all?).

I came across the hypoallergenic MD Moms Baby Silk Skin Care line at the ABC Kids Expo a few weeks ago and had a chance to chat with co-founder JJ Levenstein. Not only is JJ a knowledgeable pediatrician, she’s extremely passionate about her products.  (Her energy was effusive at 8 AM — and I hadn’t even had my first full cup of coffee by then!). The Baby Silk line is created from pure ingredients (think aloe, avocado, chamomile and ginger root extract) that are gentle enough for sensitive skin but highly effective.

Currently, the product line includes: cleansing towlettes, hair and body wash, moisturizing balm, liquid powder, dry skin rescue cream (extreme care cream), scalp rub (exfoliating cleanser for flaky scalp), diaper rash cream, and sunscreen (both lotion and towlettes).

A few things I was immediately impressed by, just chatting with Dr. JJ and trying out some of the product on my own skin:

  • The ‘weight’ of the lotion. It’s super light and is 100% grease-less. No danger of the baby sliding through your fingers (you know what I mean!).
  • A little tiny bit goes a LONG way. Less than a finger tip of diaper cream covers the entire area.
  • The scent. I am not a perfume person, but I really like the light, fresh scent of these products (a few are available unscented). The entire line has just one scent, too. So you can use the diaper cream, sunscreen and lotion all at one time and your pint-sizer doesn’t smell like the cosmetic section at {{insert your favorite department store here}}.

fab find: md moms baby silk skin care and diaper rash cream - (cool) progeny

Most of you know that our little guy is gTube fed. For his situation, there are TONS of benefits (including the ability to get him fluids and medicines when he’s not feeling well and we’re able to teach him to eat with a trach on his time — no stress about getting him enough calories!). One of the downsides, however, is drainage from the gTube site. We’d been using different barrier creams that did the trick for protecting the site (Calmoseptine in particular), but they were so goey that they were wrecking all of his clothes.

Dr. JJ suggested I take a sample of the Baby Silk Diaper Cream and give it a go for Little Lion Man’s gTube site (and, of course, for diaper rash). We’ve been using it for the past two weeks and I have to say, I am so impressed. Not only does it provide the right barrier for skin protection, but it goes on white so you can see where you are rubbing and then turns clear. No gooey mess for the kiddo to stick his fingers in and rub in his hair — and no more stain-fighting during every laundry load. The cream has passed the Little Lion Sensitive Skin test, too. No irritation whatsoever.

Great design. Smart product. Pulls double duty. I’d call that a parenting win.

Having a fantastic product wasn’t enough for the MD Moms founders. They took their dedication to kids one step further:  the co-founders haven’t taken a salary from the company at all.  They have invested proceeds into children’s medical charities.

That, my friends, is how this “special needs mom” dived head-first into a full-fledged company love affair.

Plus it keeps this little guy ROARing (not roaring).

fab find: md moms baby silk skin care and diaper rash cream - (cool) progeny

Editor’s Note: I received a free sample of MD Moms Diaper Rash cream to try out. I was under absolutely no obligation to share information about it, but I LOVE it. And when I find things that could help other moms, I can’t help but share. Learn more about MD Moms here.