Gift Card Exchange Program - Soft and Cozy Baby

That $100 gift card to Buy Buy Baby that you got from Aunt So-and-So as a shower gift? You can now turn it in for store credit at Soft and Cozy Baby.

What? Your big box shop gift cards are now being accepted by local stores?

The big box shop gift card exchange is new incentive program from Soft and Cozy Baby for customers who want to purchase their unique selection of natural baby/toddler/parenting products but feel strapped by gifted cards from Target, Babies R Us, Amazon, etc. The concept is pretty simple. You bring your gift card into the store and exchange it for store credit. You then get to use that store credit to purchase any merchandise from Soft and Cozy — including slings, Diono and Cybexcar seats, all your cloth diapering essentials, select green toys, feeding supplies, diaper bags, strollers (Cybex, Orbit and UPPAbaby), and more.

Gift Card Exchange Program - Soft and Cozy Baby

“We’re trying it out,” said Melinda Bussard, store and marketing manager. “We kept hearing from folks that they wanted to purchase their cloth diapers from us, but they had a $100 gift card to Amazon. We couldn’t quite say don’t use it. So now we’re buying it from them.”

Accepted gift cards include Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Albee Baby,, and Amazon. The store plans to either exchange the gift cards through a card exchange service for cash, use them for store supplies, or donate them.

Gift Card Exchange Program - Soft and Cozy Baby

It’s a win-win really because you get the enviro-friendly items you want for your family — while supporting a local business who gives back to our community– and Aunt So-and-So’s gift card gets put to good use! As an added bonus, you g  et the friendly and knowledgeable staff from Soft and Cozy Baby to guide you through your purchase process. Because trust us, that 19 year-old college student at Babies R’ Us has no idea about baby wearing.

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Photo Credit: Jillian Mills, HeartLove Photography