That’s quite a title, huh?

But that’s exactly what we did today. Took a look at our 100 different random acts of kindness list and decided to tackle lotto ticket distribution.

Little Lion Challenge - Lotto Ticket Ninjas

But we needed to be incognito. Princess rockstar chic is so inconspicuous.

$4 and 4 Little Lion Challenge Note Cards (you can print your own Little Lion Challenge Notecards, too!). That’s all we needed to make someone else smile today. A few scratched their heads, too. When purchasing the Mega Millions tickets, the cashier smiled at me and said ‘good luck.’ I handed one back to her and said, ‘same to you.’

Here’s hoping one of the tickets we randomly gave away on parked cars is a winner!

Little Lion Challenge - Lotto Ticket Ninjas

The Bug was so excited she asked if we could go buy more. I suggested we tackle another act of kindness on the list and she suggested we think of more. We may have created a kindness monster. There are worse things to be, right?


Just a little Friday happy. Makes your heart feel good. {And who doesn’t need more of that?}

How did you make a little roar today?