Is your kiddo Minecraft crazy yet? The game that lets you use virtual blocks to build anything you can imagine is taking the pint-sized crowd by storm… including their birthday parties! Local mom and designer Staci Lanham recently threw a Minecraft bash for her son’s 10th birthday at the local neighborhood pool. Total blast. {pun intended}

Staci shared her inspiration, tips and tricks for building up the fun. Best part? You can now purchase many of the paper goods through Staci’s Etsy store — and throw your own Minecraft fête!

So out of all the birthday party themes out there, why a Minecraft party?

My sons live, eat, and breathe Minecraft. They have both told me they wanted Minecraft birthdays for months. I found a lot of ideas on pinterest — but surprisingly no party supplies I could by. At the time, etsy didn’t have anything either. Since the party, I have definitely noticed an uptick in options on etsy though.

Honestly, I’m a total Minecraft novice — so why a pool party? Does that somehow tie into the game?

The location had nothing to do with the theme of the party. It’s a nice laid-back local neighborhood pool that as long as a member is attending/sponsoring your party, you can hold it there. You simply pay the guest fee per swimming guest. We also had Ian’s 7th birthday party there too. I wanted to be able to create a snack table and let the kids
swim the afternoon away and snack when they wanted.

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny

The invitation and paper goods for the party are INCREDIBLE! Where did you find them?

I am a professional graphic designer and I have a nice printer at home for my etsy shop. So it’s not unusual for me to create items that I need. But I’m also a busy mom; I am also not always a glutton for punishment and have to do things myself. I tried to find Minecraft party supplies, but there aren’t any yet. I say yet, because it seems I am always a year or two ahead of the market. I’m sure by this time next year, it will be flooded with licensed party supplies.

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny

The character I used on the invite itself is actually Ian’s personal skin in the game. You can look up anyone’s skin at here. Just need their username. It was his way of further personalizing his invite.

Other touches included a ‘Happy Birthday Ian!’ banner out of 5” x 5” squares that I grommeted together and little food label signs.

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny

What about the other party decor items?  I just love how creative you were with everything!

Instead of just getting a green plastic cloth, I found one that looked like grass. The plastic grass mat I used under the cake was actually an aquarium grass mat cut down to be a square.

Originally, the wooden black card holders were supposed to be the brown/green signature Minecraft pattern. After a few really rough-looking tries, I bagged that idea and decided to do them as a simple black — which ultimately turned out better! I bought the wooden cubes at Michael’s, and sawed in the lines to hold the cards. This is definitely something I wish I could have purchased already done!

The flowers were a last minute girly touch just for me. I thought the yellow would look great with all the greens. My youngest son said there were dandelions in Minecraft, so it worked!

… and balloons! What party is complete without balloons? We had light green, dark green, black, and brown.

And there there is the food. What did you serve?

I spent a lot of time quizzing my sons about what foods could correlate to what Minecraft food/items. I timed the party so I only needed to provide snack food, too.  We had creeper soda (sprite mini-bottles and designed labels to wrap around), TNT Twizzlers (wrapped 8 halves with a paper TNT wrap), torches (candy dipped pretzels), farm (my excuse to load up the table with snack veggies), gold (Hershey’s almond nuggets), stones (Wheat Thins and Triscuits – the perfect square-shaped crackers!), and lava (hummus). I also put out Blue Crystals as diamonds which weren’t edible, but rounded out the Minecraft spread.

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny

The cake was pretty darn (cool). Did you make it?

I’ve created some cakes over the years for my sons, but I knew I didn’t want to do this one. I was already spending a lot of time and energy to create the tablescape and this cake was calling for fondant icing  — I have never used fondant before. I figured having it made for us was going to be money well spent. Jason Hinsley and Erica Reid Harrison of La Cakerie far exceeded my expectations and my son LOVED it. In fact, everyone at the pool that day did!  It probably weighed 30lbs! It was actually four layers of cake (2 chocolate, 2 vanilla). It was so yummy!

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny

One fantastic detail of this party were the favors! Minecraft t-shirts! How’d you put that together?

I purchased inexpensive T-shirts from Michaels and painted a creeper face on each one using a stencil and black fabric paint. I made my own creeper face stencil using a sheet of blank stencil material also found at Michael’s. Once I printed on the face, I cut it out with an exacto-knife and secured the stencil to the shirt with box tape.

The bags were purchased from Party City, and I designed and printed the labels myself. In all, I probably spent $4.00/favor/child. I always have left over favors bags too, so some lucky kids at Goodwill are getting a Minecraft treat!

Minecraft Birthday Party - (cool) progeny


Thanks, Staci for sharing!  And happy birthday Ian!

Photo Credit: Staci Lanham