Do you have the back to school breakfast blues?

Sure, we are all happy our kids are back in school — but have you noticed that your eat-a-healthy breakfast and out-the-door routine is a little rusty? Most days, it’s hard to just get past that first cup of coffee. Quick breakfasts are easy. I mean, hello toaster! Meet frozen waffle! Err, again.

Sometimes finding a way to keep breakfasts healthy AND simple can feel.. ugh, well, not worth it. But then you’re mom conscious gets the best of you and you know that studies show their energy levels maintain, their behavior is more in balance, and they actually listen and transition better when they start with a healthy breakfast.

This past week we have been testing out some new breakfast ideas so that we are locked and loaded when school mornings hit us full swing. The most valuable tip? Less ingredients, more versatility. This week I focused on some good greens, fresh eggs, pesto, ricotta cheese, and oats with fruit. Starting with just a handful of ingredients, I was able to make each morning meal satisfying while keeping it quick and healthy, too. Variation is key when you are only using a handful of ingredients, but it works when prepared naturally.

Here are 5 recipes for a nutritious and simple breakfast!

favorite kids oatmeal bar

It seems obvious, but the presentation of a DIY oatmeal and toppings bar really makes them smile. I make oatmeal quickly in the morning by throwing trader joe’s gluten free rolled oats into a saucepan of simmering water, turning it to low, and then i cover the saucepan. in the 5 minutes it takes to cook, i prep a few toppings, by the time the place mat is on the table and the milk is poured, the oats are finished.

If you are a prep ahead and store type of cook, I know you can freeze oatmeal and just pop it out of your freezing tray the next morning.
Our favorite toppings: milk, maple syrup, raisins, cinnamon and chopped apples or strawberry

ricotta cheese toast with avocado or poached egg

So versatile and so delicious — and literally a seven minute breakfast. Bread toasted with olive oil, spread with ricotta cheese and a smashed avocado is pure breakfast bliss! Ricotta cheese is one of my most favorite breakfast ingredients. it tastes decadent and adds such good texture and consistency.  It is an amazing alternative to cream cheese, as even whole milk ricotta, is less than half the fat, half the cholesterol and practically double the protein. I use it in scrambled eggs or pancakes on the weekend, and as a topping on a bagel or toast and most definitely with a poached egg.

poached egg with leftover greens

It can be done! Veggies for breakfast! Saute your greens the night before and store in the fridge in an airtight container. bust them out in the morning – let them sit while you prep everything else. They are delicious at room temp but if you prefer them warm you could do a 25 second zap in the microwave. arrange greens on toast and lay egg on top.
I find poached eggs to be the easiest, fastest and most fun way to eat an egg. I fill a medium size saucepan pan full of water and heat on a medium to high flame. I do not use vinegar, just good farm style eggs – – the fresher the egg the tighter the whites stay. When the water is simmering, before it hits a boil, I crack the egg slowly into the water. Cracking an egg and sliding it into a small bowl to manage the transfer is simple and may be easiest when practicing your poach skills.
Easy Weekday Breakfasts, Broccoli Pesto Fritatta - (cool) progeny

broccoli pesto frittata to go

Easy wrap and go! No mess on the way to school. Leftover broccoli? Yes! Bring it out of the fridge and chop to practically a dust and add to beaten eggs then fold in a dollop of pesto. Heat olive oil on a frying pan and slowly add egg mixture. Cook on medium to high heat. After about 3 minutes, you should fold the frittata to the middle and the same with the other side, wait a minute or two and then flip folded frittata over with a spatula. Let cook for another 3 minutes, gently (using a spatula) take it out of the pan and onto a paper towel. Wrap it and go!

Easy Weekday Breakfasts, Whole Grain Toaster Pancakes - (cool) progeny

whole grain toaster pancakes (whip on the weekends and freeze for the week!)

This is absolutely an old stand by for breakfasts on the go. If you haven’t tried this method for toaster pancakes you’re missing out on something healthy and fun! Here’s how we do it at our house: we double our weekend pancake batch. I like to use a multi -grain or whole grain mix to keep it simple. I try to keep them all relatively the same silver dollar size. Be sure to let them cool on a cutting board (make sure to flip them once so each side has the chance to cool properly – any condensation will give them freezer burn). I have found it is best to store them in between parchment paper so they don’t stick together and then place them in a ziploc bag.

Whole grain pancakes can be a wonderful breakfast food. They’re hearty yet not too heavy, and endlessly versatile. After popping them in the toaster serve them with a smear of your favorite nut butter for the added protein. So easy!