It’s raining. It’s pouring. The kids are doing anything but snoring.

Looking for a fun activity for the pint-sizers that will keep them occupied all afternoon? Try these super simple and fun underwater stick puppets! Fun to make and even more fun to play with.

These felt puppets are super easy to assemble. No crazy crafting skills required. Promise.

materials you’ll need:

  • Felt in a variety of colors (I used eeBoo felt sheets. They’re fantastic for a project like this because they are more sturdy than your average felt)
  • Printed Coloring Book Clip Art (just do a good search! I used these for the crab, whale, and shark)
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes
  • 12″ sticks (I used leftover cookie pop sticks I had lying around, but dowel rods would work well)
  • Glue/Tape

way too easy instructions

To create, simply use the clip art template to cut the animal shape out of felt. Glue googly eyes to the front of the puppet and tape/glue sticks to the back. Yeah, it’s that simple. Want to get fancy? Grab whatever craft supplies you have lying around and let the kiddos add some glitz and bling.

If you’re interested in creating the backdrop/puppet show scene, I simply cut wave shapes and a sun out of the felt and glued it to a poster board.

Underwater AdveUnderwater Adventure Felt Stick Puppets - (cool) progenynture Felt Stick Puppets - (cool) progeny

The best thing about these puppets? They inspire endless hours of imaginative play. The pretend conversations of a four-year-old are entertainment themselves!

Afternoon activity dilemma solved. Shark week style.