Healthy Family Tips from The MAC - (cool) progeny

When you think Harbor East, you think food and fashion. But there’s no denying that this downtown Baltimore neighborhood has the “f” trifecta: food, fashion AND fitness. Especially following the success of FIT+ in June, their first sport-centered street project. Hundreds turned out to try out everything from street surfing to zumba — right in the middle of Aliceanna Street. This wasn’t your average health expo. FIT+ guests enjoyed live music throughout the day from The Water & DJ J.Gray; healthy food, drink & cocktail offerings from Whole Foods Market, Gordon Biersch, Lebanese Taverna and Talara; in addition to fitness demos, healthy cooking courses, giveaways from City Sports and much more!

We caught up with Sharon Nevins, vice president marketing for MAC (Maryland Athletic Club) Harbor East, to get a recap of the event and talk healthy strategies for busy families.

FIT+ was Harbor East’s first street fitness event. What were your expectations going into the event, were they met, and what did you hope attendees got out of it?

We were really looking forward to a nice crowd of new people, who perhaps had never been to the Harbor East, out to enjoy and celebrate fitness.

A lot of our readers are moms — and finding time to exercise can often times be tricky. What tips would you offer busy moms for ‘working in’ working out into their busy schedules?

I like to advise everyone to treat working out like they would a meeting on their calendar or a doctor’s appointment. Make it a non-negotiable part of your day. And of course at the MAC, we make it easy for moms because we have a wonderful kids club. So kids can have fun and be safe, while moms workout. I also feel that fitness makes us better moms. It’s a stress reliever, allowing you to go back to your kids feeling calm and energized.

How about the kids? Have fun ideas for keeping them active?

Kids should get outside and enjoy traditional recess as much as possible. Less tv and computer and more running around.


Summer weather can often be extreme with high temps and oppressive humidity. What advice can you offer families who want to be active outside?

Try getting outside early in the morning or in the evening, when the temps aren’t so high- or come in side to a gym like the MAC that offers something for everyone

What’s the latest fitness trend that every mom (or everyone for that matter!) should try? What makes it so great?

So many great things to try. Anything in the “mind-body” realm is great for moms. Having said that, all exercise is great for the mind and body. Yoga, Pilates, one class that is unique to the MAC is called Kinesis. It’s done in small groups and combines strength training, cardio and balance and can be done in 30 minutes. Perfect for busy moms.

It’s 3 PM. What are MAC employees snacking on this summer?

Ah, a greek yogurt (high in protein) with some slivered almonds- a perfect snack.


Image Credit: Harbor East