Seems like there are tons of apps on the market these days. It’s a tough space for parents to navigate with the explosion of content, in-app purchase enticements and advertising aimed directly at your impressionable four-year-old.

In a desperate moment one afternoon I let the Bug download a princess dress-up one (will remain nameless). Benign, right? Oh no. This one comes complete with ‘clear up the princess’ acne’ and prompts the player (er- said four-year-old) to download other similar apps. They, too, involve zit cream. Who really thought that was (cool)?

Then there is KneeBouncers. I first introduced (cool) progeny readers to KneeBouncers in 2010 when I stumbled upon the local company’s smart phone apps designed specifically for babies and toddlers. The Bug was hooked on their online games and that first app saved my sanity in the grocery store on countless occassions. Because of my background in educational technology and social media, I started working with the developers when they launched a premium suite of online learning games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers back in 2011. More than 40, age-appropriate games for learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sight words and more. It was and continues to be a beautiful thing. One stop online shop for early childhood learning.

KneeBouncers App - (cool) progeny

KneeBouncers employs a play-based developmental learning strategy to create games. They focus on games that spark kids’ curiosity and creativity, exploration of the world, social understanding, communication skills and movement. Their play-based developmental strategies support concrete learning objectives, including: mathematical concepts, science, language and literacy, social and emotional development, arts and music and social studies.  Games increase in complexity as a child grows, allowing them to provide learning fun for babies through PreK students.

KneeBouncers App - (cool) progenyKneeBouncers App - Cool Progeny

Unlike other simple online games for this age range, the graphics rock. Colorful. Animated. Engaging. Simple silhouettes with a lot of character. But I had this nagging voice whispering something was missing. That same voice was nagging Jim and Kurt, KneeBouncer’s founding dad team, too. How could the user experience — and learning — be better? Enter touch screen optimization. They redesigned all of their games for tablet devices and little fingers. Oh yeah. WOW. Hello, engaging learning experience.

KneeBouncers Great Play with Purpose App - (cool) progeny

It’s way more fun to press the keys on a virtual piano and create a tune than click on the keys with a mouse. Popping letter balloons is much more satisfying with a finger tap than dragging a mouse around the screen. Making that train’s bell ring by tapping on it? Super cool. Removing the mouse click or keyboard tapping requirement takes mini-me interactive learning to a whole new level.

KneeBouncers App - (cool) progeny

They kept parent’s sanity in mind, too. Rather than require you to download individual games, ALL of their  games are available in one mega play with purpose app. 45 games. 1 app. Your kiddo doesn’t need to exit one game to play another, inadvertently deleting your contacts icon in the process. {Do a little happy dance!}

KneeBouncers App - (cool) progeny

You can download the app from the iTunes store for FREE. It comes with 5 completely free games. Add the other 40 games to the app for just $10.99. In a world where the average individual preschool app game costs $.99 to $2.99, this is an amazing bargain. What you could be spending $120 on, you’re getting for just shy of $11. The app will be available for Android in the next few weeks. Triple scoop bonus with a cherry on top? Your kids are learning. They’re playing with purpose. #KneeBouncersPlay