Healthy Mom Challenge Fall 2013

Have you been following the healthy mom challenge posts all summer? We’ve shared how to fit fitness into your busy schedule and tips for boosting your energy to help build awareness for Arbonne’s 30 Day Pure Transformation program.

The program includes online support and personalized guidance, two meal replacements each day (vegan-certified, gluten-free protein shakes), clean eating and fitness — utilizing Arbonne’s Feeling Fit Kit.

I know, I know. You’re thinking ‘Arbonne shakes? Really?

Here’s the scoop. Beata, Area Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant, has pulled together a team of health and wellness professionals and designed a 30-day total wellness transformation program. It’s about being healthier. Increasing energy and stamina. Sure, losing weight is part of it but it’s really about increasing wellness. Including mental clarity and better sleep.

Sure there are shakes. But here’s what Robin, downtown mom and recent program participant, had to say about them:

“With other programs I have done there is a huge time commitment to meal preparation and meal planning, often with meals being made separately for me vs. my family. With the shakes I know I am going to eat vs. trying to put something together quickly and get my kids fed, too. The shakes keep me full and help me keep energy to get through the day. Plus it gives me time to explore other options for my third meal of the day. Exploring vegetarian options, trying new cuisines and new cooking methods.”

According to her, the biggest challenge was getting through the first few days because “it can be hard to let some of your favorite foods go- those filled with sugar and caffeine.”

But the pay-off is worth it.

“You are filled with more energy, you feel good about eating good, and most of all — you start to see results.”

Want to join the group and take steps toward improving your overall health? The next 30 Day program starts on September 8th.  Contact Beata  at [email protected] by August 30th to order your Feeling Fit Kit and join her online, supportive community of experts! Online support and individualized planning is free-of-charge. Participants need only pay for the Feeling Fit Kit. Find out more about the products on Beata’s website or her facebook page.


Editor’s Note: (cool) progeny’s partnership in this challenge is sponsored by Beata Lorinc, Area Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant. We LOVE helping local momprenuers! And this is a total win-win. Building local mom-owned businesses and helping other moms become healthier. Perfect combination.