Take the Little Lion Challenge - (cool) progeny

I was working on a post today about 100 different things you can do to get in on the #LittleLionChallenge… things like baking banana bread or dropping off toys or even writing a note… I was getting into a groove and ideas were starting to pop. The screen went blank. My computer power cord fried. I strung together some poetic adult vocabulary and went in search of high-octane coffee, predicting today might be a real Monday kind of Monday. Then, as life often has a way of doing, reality popped up on me. In the form of my facebook news feed:

“Please pray. My vent patient’s house just caught on fire.”

This was the status update of one of our nurses and I knew a little bit about this family. Not much, but that the ‘vent’ patient she referred to is a 12-month-old baby. Like our Little Lion Man he has a trach and a feeding tube. Unlike our little guy,  he requires a ventilator to breath.

Everyone — all four children, mom and grandma — got out safely. The Red Cross is working to relocate them as their home has severe smoke and water damage.

I can’t imagine losing your home. Add a medically complex child to the mix? Just makes everything more devastating.

We are in the process of putting together a care package for this family. Things like clothing (sz 12-18 month, all snaps/no zips boys clothing for the baby, sz 34/36 pants for the 12 and 13 year old boys, large shirts for the boys, women’s clothing size 8, and women’s clothing size 12), grocery cards, diapers, wipes, baby supplies, toys and games for the older children, etc. If you’d like to help, please email me at heather AT coolprogeny.com.  We have a list of suggested donations and drop of points designated. We are looking to collect everything by Wednesday afternoon and drop it off Wednesday evening.  I’d be happy to share more info with you!

Here are some of the other awesome things people are doing (and I’ll have another 100 ideas to share with you tomorrow!):

  • Our Bug: We bought breakfast for the lady behind us at Starbucks.
  • Maura: Dropped off some pies to the local firehouse.
  • Madeleine: Feel the warmth of a cold nose! Adopt at the SPCA!
  • Jessica: Paid the toll for the car behind me 🙂
  • @PleasantPresent: Just sent my “kid” bro a “Good luck w/the bar exam” bucket o’ popcorn. Ninja style. Smile On.
  • Marilyn: Walt and I brought ice tea and cold water to the guys working on my car
  • @SassyJacobs: Just paid for the car behind us at McDonald’s
  • @dparis639: While on vacation, in Rockport, MA, we added money to the parking meters that needed it!

How are you paying it forward today?