Healthy Mom Fitness Tips

Wondering where the lazy days of summer went? Yeah, me, too. Seems like without the routine of school, work, and post-school activities, we are still uber busy. But busy doesn’t mean sacrificing your own well-being. As part of our healthy mom summer challenge series, we teamed up with Beata Lorinc (who runs the 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge!) to bring you tips to get you moving and grooving toward a healthier version of yourself.

Work as a family to get your work out in – setting up a positive fitness example for your children is so important!

If you prefer to work out solo, create a family schedule so all the adults in the household can get their work out it – put in on the calendar so it’s a non-negotiable appointment. If your kids are old enough, find active things to do together – swimming, biking, running, etc. Kids still in the stroller? Stroller workouts are a great option! Stroller Strides/Fit 4 Mom is fantastic if you want to be social, but if there is no Stroller Strides/Fit 4 Mom near you, you can do your own stroller work out. The kiddos can also do home exercise DVDs with you. Just invite them to pull up a mat!

Use your time wisely

Hey, we are all busy, busy, busy. It’s not necessarily about working out longer, but working smarter. Be sure to cross train. Different workouts will be more effective than doing the same thing over and over again. IF you’re short on time (or even if you’re not but want a good burn quickly!), use high intensity interval training. Workouts like Body Back or Jillian Michaels are VERY effective in a very short amount of time. Don’t have large blocks of time at once? Do 10 minutes of INTENSE exercise 3x a day.

Find an accountability partner or group

Don’t let yourself fall into the “Oh, not today, I’ll do it tomorrow” rut. Accountability is key! Join a bootcamp or fitness group where the same people attend regularly so you’re not an “anonymous body.” Find a friend to work out with – if someone else is counting on you you’re less likely to throw in the towel. Women naturally need a social connection and fitness is a great way to forge one.

Set SMART goals

In order to stay motivated and on track you need to set SMART goals: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT, and TIME-BOUND.

Just Get Moving

In the end, any movement is better than being sedentary and it all starts with little changes that become habits. Walk as much as possible. Headed to the pool? Do some aqua cardio and jog in place next to your swimming/floating child. Get a bike to use while running errands. Not only is it better for your health, it’s better for your gas bill AND the environment, too. And then there is the time-bound tradition of the at-home dance party. Your kids won’t care what you look like and you’ll be getting some laughter therapy as a side bonus.

… and last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Healthy Mom Summer Slim Down Challenge

The next 30-day challenge starts on August 5th. Want to join the group and take steps toward improving your overall health? Contact Beata  at [email protected] by July 30th to order your Feeling Fit Kit and join her online, supportive community of experts! Online support and individualized planning is free-of-charge. Participants need only pay for the Feeling Fit Kit. Find out more about the products on Beata’s website or her facebook page.


Editor’s Note: (cool) progeny’s partnership in this challenge is sponsored by Beata Lorinc, Area Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant. We LOVE helping local momprenuers! And this is a total win-win. Building local mom-owned businesses and helping other moms become healthier. Perfect combination.