Like many people I’ve been focusing on eating “clean” and buying from local farms for the past few years. My husband, son and I can often be seen at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market on Sundays buying fresh produce or checking out the new “clean” restaurants constantly popping up around Baltimore. But that all changed when we moved to the burbs in December. Now, we live next to the farms, but the closest restaurants are “chains” and our beloved farmer’s market is now a good 40 minute drive away.

Enter Whatever’s Farm Fresh. It’s a great new way to get fresh produce from a local farm without having to travel to a farmer’s market. All you do is log onto their website and order a fresh produce box. They deliver on Wednesdays to two locations in Hunt Valley.

For $25 you get well over a week’s worth of food. Last week’s bounty included a cantaloupe, 6 ears of corn, wax beans, potatoes, apricots, peaches, two types of onion, and a huge head of lettuce.

Photo Credit: Whatever's Farm Fresh Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Whatever’s Farm Fresh Facebook Page

I wasn’t expecting the recipe challenge it would present. Since you get whatever is in season sometimes you have to get a little creative. I took the apricots and made preserves that I’ll serve with some pork tenderloin. I used some of the corn in a fresh corn salad with one of the onions and everything else we pretty much ate as normal.

I’m not the only one who has been enjoying it. My husband said the cantaloupe was the best he’s ever had and even complimented the wax beans we had for dinner last night (which, by the way, came with a great recipe on how to cook them!)

I can’t wait to see what this week’s bounty will include. I’m sure I’ll be on google looking for some great new recipes that utilize the fresh fruits and veggies we get.

Editor’s Note: Whatever’s Farm Fresh has a FABULOUS facebook page with ideas for cooking veggies and sneak peeks of that week’s produce box. Plus, $1 from each order placed is donated to charity. Check it out!