Boost Energy With Clean Eaiting Tips - Heallthy Mom Summer Slim Down Challenge with Arbonne Pure Transformations

Our Healthy Mom Summer Slim Down Challenge kicked off last week. We teamed up with Baltimore mompreneur Beata Lorinc, Area Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant, to get the word out about her 30-day total wellness transformation program with Arbonne Pure Transformations. What is the challenge? It’s about being healthier. Increasing energy and stamina. Sure, losing weight is part of it but it’s really about increasing wellness. Including mental clarity and better sleep. A supportive program that provides structure for kicking a few lifestyle changes into high gear.

Today, Beata is sharing five tips to help boost your energy levels. With the kids out of school, energy is something we ALL could use a little more of! Based on ‘clean eating’ principles, incorporating one or all of these tips will help you get through the day without hitting the proverbial energy wall.

Tip 1: Kitchen’s Closed
No fruit or grains after 4pm and close the kitchen completely 12 hours before you eat breakfast. {Yeah, skip that midnight snack. ESPECIALLY sugary ones.}

Tip 2: Eat the “Chicago” Way
Eat little and often (every 3-4 hours). {Kind of like voting early and often, right?} Not only does eating often help prevent overeating, it helps regulate your blood sugar. 3 PM slump be gone!

Tip 3: Don’t Skimp.
ALWAYS eat breakfast. According to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who skip breakfast are unlikely to make up their daily requirement for some vitamins and minerals that a simple breakfast would have provided. If you’re stretched for time, try a smoothie you can enjoy on the go!

Tip 4: Protein and Veggies should be Your BFF (Best Food Friends)
Have a lean protein and vegetables with every meal — including breakfast. The combination of protein and complex carbs maintains energy levels, prolongs digestion, and decreases the release of sugar into the blood stream. Summer is the perfect time to visit the farmers market and try new locally-grown veggies, too.

Tip 5: Skip the Sugar (and others)
Remove or at least limit the following types of food:  sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol – for at least 30 days to detox and to see if you have any unknown allergies or intolerances (can show up as fatigue, digestive issues, skincare issues or other ailments).

Want to learn more about the Arbonne Pure Transformations program? Contact Beata for more information! If you’re looking for more foods that fight fatigue, check out this post.