Healthy Mom Summer Slim-Down Challenge with Arbonne Pure Transformations - (cool) progeny

End-of-the-school-year craziness running you down? Only to be slammed with the summer camp/vacation/keep ’em busy routine? Seems like the modern parent barely has a moment to catch their breath.

Oh, and then there is the reality that pool season is right around the corner.

Baltimore mompreneur Beata Lorinc is coming to the rescue! Beata, Executive District Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant, has pulled together a team of health and wellness professionals and designed a 30-day total wellness transformation program. It’s about being healthier. Increasing energy and stamina. Sure, losing weight is part of it but it’s really about increasing wellness. Including mental clarity and better sleep.

Yeah, we could all use a little more of THAT.

“After struggling with the plague of fatigue, exhaustion, and excess weight, I finally had had enough.  Exercise only got me so far, and clean eating was my ideal goal, but being an entrepreneur and stay at home mom made ideal meals a little trickier,” said Beata.  “Arbonne came into my life last summer and I couldn’t be happier, and healthier.  I am down, almost 40 pounds, with some more to go, but most importantly I have more energy, more confidence, I’m happier and I’m a better mom for it all.”

We are thrilled to be partnering with Beata and her team to get the word out about the Summer Slim Down Challenge with Arbonne Pure Transformation. A 30-Day journey to better health that kicks off on June 3rd. She’s offering a special deal for (cool) progeny readers to participate in the program and we’ll be checking in with participants throughout June to report on what they are learning and how they are doing.

… and we know they are going to get ah-mazing results! The last time Beata ran this program, participants lost 8-17 pounds per person and reported incredible energy boosts.

“My vision is to enable each and every person to help themselves get healthy.  My team has now led well over 50 people through this 30 day journey and it is truly life changing,” said Beata.

What does the Summer Slim Down Challenge program include? Online support and personalized guidance, two meal replacements each day (vegan-certified, gluten-free protein shakes), clean eating and fitness. It utilizes Arbonne’s Feeling Fit Kit which includes:

  • 2 Protein Shake Mixes (30 servings each – Vanilla and/or Chocolate; 20 grams of protein a serving)
  • 2 energy fizz sticks (caffeine replacement/natural energy booster)
  • 2 bags of fit chews (30 chews each – chocolate, caramel or lemon) (sugar/carb craving busters/energy boost)
  • 2 Herbal Detox tea
  • 1 Daily Fiber Boost (30 servings)
  • 1 Feeling Fit Guide

Online support and individualized planning is free-of-charge. Participants need only pay for the Feeling Fit Kit ($299). Find out more about the products on Beata’s website or her facebook page.

Want to get in on the action? Contact Beata directly at [email protected]. You’ll need to place your order for the Feeling Fit Kit with her by May 24th! Because the program is virtual, ANYONE from the US, UK, Australia and Canada can participate.

(COOL) DEAL FOR CP READERS: Join the program with a friend or family member and the second kit is 1/2 off! Just be sure to tell Beata you want the (cool) progeny BOGO deal when you sign up. {Note, you won’t find this deal mentioned on her site — just here!}


Editor’s Note: (cool) progeny’s partnership in this challenge is sponsored by Beata Lorinc, Executive District Manager: Arbonne Independent Consultant. We LOVE helping local momprenuers! And this is a total win-win. Building local mom-owned businesses and helping other moms become healthier. Perfect combination.