I’ve never been one for jumping on the trendy bandwagon – especially baby products. I’m more of a traditionalist than one who looks for celebrity endorsement. That said, I’m always on the lookout for fabulous, will-stand-the-test-of-time gear. For the Little Lion Man, who has ridiculously sensitive skin and is still adjusting to his post-NICU life, these items have been life savers! I’d highly recommend anyone of them to parents with an infant or as a perfect baby shower gift.

Honest Company Bubble Bath: We started using this hypoallergenic, vegan, non-toxic bubble bath with the Bug and her little brother loves it, too! Naturally enriching and a light, refreshing citrus scent make this perfect for a pre-bedtime soak. It’s great for the Little Man’s ultra sensitive skin, too!

Splendid Romper: I’ve already mentioned that the Little Man has super sensitive skin (let me reiterate – super sensitive skin), so super-soft clothing is a must. We have gotten so much mileage out of this jersey romper from Splendid. The fabric is airy, too, so no worries about overheating. Nab one from Wee Chic.

Little G Blanky: We’ve all seen Little Giraffe sightings in People Magazine and the like (Hey look, Suri is a little g fan!). But there is a reason celebs are flocking to this luxe blanket — it’s amazingly soft. Beyond amazingly soft. The Little Lion Man is so attached (at 3.5 months) that we’re considering purchasing a second when one is the wash despite the above-my-normal-limits-cost. He loves snuggling with it, burying his head. If he loves it so much, I’m sold. {As my sister said, “if this kid wants a pony when he’s 5, we’re buying him a pony.” Yeah, I can see Baltimore City government getting on board with housing a pony in our row-home sized backyard}.

Aden + Anais Crib Sheets: Made with organic cotton, these crib sheets from one of my favorite bib/swaddle blanket manufacturers really breathe! Plus there have super cute styles to choose from. Locally you can grab these from Soft and Cozy Baby.

Zen Swaddle Blanket: Nested Bean sent me one of their swaddle blankets to try out before our Little Guy was born. What’s so great about this blanket? It’s lightly weighted to mimic your touch –triggering a self-soothing response. Worked wonders for him in the NICU when we couldn’t be there all night and has saved my sanity at home, too. Made from 100% soft cotton. Washes like a dream, too. Chapman Hill Baby in Annapolis carries them.