This week is Teacher Appreciation Week in the girls’ schools.  We have been so blessed with amazing teachers that love my girls as much as we do and have taught them SO much!  I don’t think you can ever do too much to show how much you appreciate the people who are such a big part of our children’s lives.

So, I was on a mission to find something cute and that the girls could help with to send in for their teachers.  I have seen this adorable colored pencil vase a few places on the internet and we just tweaked it to make it our own.  You are not going to believe how easy this is and how cute it looks when you are finished!

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Pencil Vase on (cool) progeny

Supplies you need:

A Crystal Light can (or comparable container)
20-25 pencils (more or less depending on the type of vase/can you use).  A Crystal Light can requires about 20 pencils.
3 rubber bands to hold the can in place.
Some colorful ribbon to cover the rubber bands
Pretty flowers (cut them from your own garden or snag some on your grocery store run)

How to Make a Colored Pencil Vase

Put the rubber bands around your container, space them apart.  Then just tuck the pencils in behind the rubber bands.  You can keep the pencils standing straight up or tilt them a little like we did ours.

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Colored Pencil Vase on (cool) progeny

Once you have enough pencils to completely cover the can or vase, cut strips of ribbon to wrap around the vase, covering the rubber bands. And that’s it, you are done!

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Colored Pencil Vase on (cool) progeny

We attached a cute “Thanks For Helping Me Grow” tag and viola! it A fun gift ready for an amazing teacher!

Just for  (cool) progeny readers,  download the printable tag, print and use for your teacher appreciation gifts!

Download the "Thanks for Helping Me Grow" FREE Printable

(cool) tip: For more teacher appreciation gift ideas, check out our teacher love board on pinterest!