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Attention: Scary Mommy is intended for people who have a sense of humor, an appreciation for sarcasm and who wear panties who don’t easily get in a wad… you’ve been warned.

In this beautiful whirlwind of craziness we call motherhood, it’s always refreshing to find others that don’t take themselves too seriously. What do you get when you mix in a triple shot of sarcasm, a healthy dose of reality, a sprinkle of relatability and whip it with an undeniable love for your kids? A recipe for an amazingly popular blog — and best selling book.

Make that two best selling books.

Baltimore’s own Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler, releases her second book today: Motherhood Comes Naturally (and Other Vicious Lies. {{You didn’t wake up one day and have all the answers either? Knew I was in good company!}}

I caught up with Jill earlier this week to chat new book, her fam-friendly book launch next Monday at Charm City Kids Club (psss…. YOU’RE INVITED!), and who wins the age-old mommy juice of choice battle…

Jill Smokler, Baltimore's Own Scary Mommy - (cool) progeny

The title of the book is a definite attention grabber: Motherhood comes naturally (and other vicious lies). Motherhood didn’t come naturally, huh? 😉 Can you give us an example of another vicious lie?

“You Are Your Own Harshest Critic” is one of my favorites. We so often believe that we are the ones hardest on ourselves, but once you’ve had kids, you know better. Having children gives you a glimpse of what is must be like to perform in a dud of a Broadway play and get pelted on stage with tomatoes. Try walking around in your underwear with children around — they are ruthless, and it’s just not socially acceptable to yell “CARRYING YOU MADE ME LIKE THIS, PUNK!!!” Although, really, it should be.

What do you think will surprise readers in this new book?

I’m hoping how much they can relate to. The best kind of compliment I got on my first book was that people felt they could have written it themselves. I hope the same can be said for this book; so much of the experience of motherhood is universal and I like to think I touch on those parts. All mothers have much more in common than we sometimes remember.

Totally and completely stoked about your roundtable discussion with Elizabeth Vargas to chat about  the Scary Mommy Confessional! Tell us a little bit about the confessional. What prompted it — and what keeps it going?

The Confessional is a place to completely anonymously confess anything you’ve got on your chest. It’s kind of the anti-Pinterest – a place to come forward and admit your failures rather than your achievements. It started in 2011, because I noticed more honesty from commenters who didn’t link back to a website and wondered what people would say in an entirely anonymous setting. Turns out a lot! I think as long as we aren’t 100% honest with the issues we face, there will be a need to somehow release these feelings.

Guessing that the next few weeks are going to be a bit of a whirlwind for you as the book tour kicks into high gear. When you’re home and have a day to de-stress, what do you think you’re going to do?

De-stress at home?! Clearly you have never spent any time at my home. On the book tour, I have a bed to myself, a shower without an audience and nobody to take care of, feed or wipe other than myself. The minute I walk through the door, things will get infinitely more stressful!

Coffee vs. Wine: in your opinion, who wins he ‘mommy juice’ of choice?

That’s like choosing a favorite child; I simply can’t do it. I will say that today, I wouldn’t be operating without the aid of coffee. But, tomorrow, the same will be said for a big glass of wine. I love them equally, but differently. Just like those little people I like to write about.

Scary Mommy Book Launch Party - (cool) progeny

Want to meet Jill in person? You’re invited to her fam-friendly FREE book launch party at Charm City Kids Club on April 15th. Face painting, Milkshake, fun in the play town, breakfast from Quaker Perfect Portions… plus prizes and fab company! So head to CCKC to let the kids play while you catch up with other local scary mommies. Stash some of that tax refund and nab a copy of Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies) while you’re there. The first 50 people who purchase the book will nab a fab Scary Mommy swag bag featuring fav local Baltimore businesses. {Don’t worry- if you pre-purchased your book or grabbed it off Amazon, you can still bring that with you to have it signed!}

GIVEAWAY: Guess what? One lucky (cool) progeny reader is snagging a copy of Jill’s new book plus some surprise Scary Mommy swag. Want a chance to win? Just fill out this form. You have until midnight on April 16th to enter — and we’ll announce the winner on the (cool) progeny facebook page on the 17th!