Lately, the Bug is very interested in left versus right. We taught her the age-old trick of holding her hands out in front of her face and seeing which hand makes an “L” — which means that hand is her left. She points out the direction of everything: “Mom, that sign is on the left!” “Dad, I’m using my right hand!”

Except shoes. She still puts her shoes on the wrong feet. Luckily, there are some GREAT products that allow her to ‘wear left and right’ with style.


Developed by local mom Ellen Lichtman, Shoezooz are GREAT for teaching left and right. Animal puzzle stickers. One for the left foot. One for the right foot. Now preschoolers can easily identify which shoe goes one which foot without the tears, tantrums, or insistent cries of “I can do it myself” followed by toe-tripping when their rain boots are inevitably on the wrong feet.


Don’t you just love these left and right shoe laces from Little Name? Too cute! Great way to introduce text to kids plus they look great with a pair of converse sneaks, too. Thanks to Babyccino Kids for the find!