It never fails. By the time we get to the end of the bedtime routine, I’m using virtual toothpicks to keep my eyes open and the Bug is still ready to rock and roll. The lullabies that used to work as a calming agent now seem to spark impromptu Broadway show re-enactments. Who knew Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was meant to be belted like Ethel Merman in Hello, Dolly!

As you can imagine, the nightly sing-a-longs extend the bedtime process way beyond my reasonable limits, regardless of how entertaining they are. They also seem to re-energize the kiddo who is having trouble settling in. {{Hello, cycle of frustration that does anything but help my child get to bed}}.

So when Claudia Towles at aMuse Toys suggested trying Putumayo Kids’ Instrumental Dreamland, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Anything to de-stress the bedtime routine. A soothing instrumental collection of popular melodies, Instrumental Dreamland has none of the brassy irritation of ‘babified music’ and all of the intended calming effects. My personal favorite is Damien Erwin’s interpretation of What a Wonderful World. It’s everything that Baby Einstein isn’t. Thankfully.

Worked like a charm.

If sleep is evading both you and your preschooler, I highly recommend you add this CD to your collection. Just be sure to exit said mini-me’s room after you start playing the music or you’ll wake up at 2 am in a toddler bed …

Yes, it really works THAT well.

Putumayo Kids launches it’s newest CD in the Dreamland series next week: Latin Dreamland.  Think of it like a zen-inspired musical tour of Latin America. The CD joins other culturally-inspired lullaby albums Asian Dreamland, Celtic Dreamland, African Dreamland, and more. Cultural appreciation + ‘real’ music + calming effects? I’m in.


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