Experience Yoga - Digital Yoga Studio
SoilSound is so excited to become a part of the fabulous (cool) progeny family! And so, we want to invite the (cool) progeny fans and followers — yogis or not — to unroll their virtual yoga mats in our digital yoga studio, to the debut of Experiencing Yoga. This new (cool) progeny series will discuss kids’ yoga and related topics: poses, calming exercises, mindfulness activities, art time, tea time and so much more!

Yoga can be a time when parents and kids build a practice together. Taking time to salute the sun like a flower or bend like a bow can be so much fun for the kids, especially if mom and dad join in, too.

Parent-child yoga is a great way to connect with your family and encourage a healthy lifestyle of movement and mind calmness. Best part? Your kiddies will be having fun and not even recognize the life skills learning taking place. Big points in the mommy and daddy column!

You’d be amazed how many every day activities can be turned into a yoga experience. Art projects can be transformed into a yoga exercise. Every day tasks — such as eating — can be a mindfulness activity where you explore nutritious, yummy snacks and drinks.

Now that we’ve been seated in easy pose or “criss cross applesauce” (kids’ lingo) for our Experiencing Yoga introduction, let us tell you more about SoilSound.

We (Valencia Wood and Joseph Murray) started SoilSound in 2003 and, under the music and healthy lifestyle boutique, created Yoga Imaginarium, Experiencing Yoga and Yoga After Dark (our signature evening event opened in 2009 to a sold out studio).

During summer 2011, Yoga Imaginarium, our pre-schooler program, was launched. In just a few short months, the word was out and SoilSound expanded into Howard County public schools. Experiencing Yoga was born.

Our kids’ yoga offerings infuse the multiple sensory elements of music, sound effects, visual art, props and guided meditation, along with the postures to cultivate a fun and engaging experience.

We’re looking forward to having fun, sharing and learning together in the virtual (cool) progeny space — byte by byte! Thanks for logging in to our digital yoga studio. Next post, roll out your virtual mats to lessons in belly breathing.

And, don’t be shy — share your questions, comments and photos!