You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been, huh? Pat, the Bug and I are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family — the Little Lion Man.

Lion Man came roaring into our lives on February 11th at 6:25 PM. We say roaring because, as I joked about in a previous post, he needed to be evicted and wasn’t too thrilled about it. He may only be a few weeks old, but he is one strong and determined kiddo.

Lion Man - Cool Progeny

Things haven’t gone as smoothly as we would have hoped. The little guy has some unexpected health issues that we are addressing. Thankfully, we have an amazing support network!

As for (cool) progeny, our team is moving full steam ahead! You may have been missing our what’s up for the weekend posts and e-newsletters. All of that comes back next week along with announcements about our fun spring play dates. Stay tuned!